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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  July 2, 2011 6:00am-10:00am EDT

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thank you for watching the "factor," and "the spin" stops right here because we are looking out for you. >> good morning, on saturday, july 2nd, debt limit talks still in washington, dc as president obama headed to camp david for the weekend but republicans not so happy with the involvement. >> best way to get an appotment with the president is to set up a tea time. >> where is the urgency as we near the deadline? >> and the free leader declared a holy war on the united states so why is secretary clinton giving the muslim brotherhood a place at the table and calling them "peaceful." we will look. >> plus teachers unions in wisconsin refuse to conce to save their job. it said they want private businesses to foot the bill. can small business be on the
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hook for unions and their pensions? "fox & friends" begins right now. >> good saturday morning, everyone, thank you for joining us on "fox & friends" with fascinating news regarding strauss-kahn but, first, the debt talks. >>dave: welcome, nice to see you as we talk about washington, dc. we are working this weekend. but, congress, gone, headed home last night without a resolution on the debt talks. two weeks of political back and forth and president obama headed off to camp david for a vacation. republicans and democrats in congress taking the weekend off. we will see them come back monday after the july 4th holiday with nothing in the
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works. >> the deadline creeping closer and closer and both sides weighing in and each side wants the other side to work hardy. and here is senatorhune, a republican from south dakota saying about working with the president. >> the best way to get an . with the president is to set up a tee time. >> we heard that as the show opened so, he is making that the golf joke. >> the president played 13 straight weekends. maybe the streak could be over. i have not heard if there is a tee time. i think it will come to a close this week but on the flip side it sound like a different message as you might imagine from the democrats. >> we are not a third world country going to some time of banana republic regime but if they want to act like a banana republic i can tell them they
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will slip on their own peel. >> they are referring to the august 2nd dead line. many said yesterday on this show that you absolutely have to get this debt ceiling thing passed. cutting spending yes, but many agree we are about to hit, if you and not pay your own bills and reaching that point. >> there is controversy how quickly the bills would not be paid if the deadline passes but some measures can be taken to extend this. >> the measures to extend things and the sniping is over cuts that are so minimal, the ethanol subsidy, cuts to education, defense, all the things tha really, don't imagine to a hill of beans unless you talk about entitlements which democrats are not willing to talk about or revenue increases which republicans are in the talking about. so they are talking away from each other. >>dave: the president says it is july 22nd we have to get a deal done to get the legislation
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prepared by august 2nd. do you get the same sense of urgency from the two parties? let us know at fox& >> and now another controversy regarding who the united states is talking with, a group banned in egypt, because of their violent past and some of their affiliations with groups like hamas. >> they are the muslim egypt. and under mubarak they were banned and now a power vacuum has been created because mubarak is out. now they will the major player at the table running the government. hillary clinton, secretary of state, says it is smart for the united states to have dialogue with this group. >> believe, given the changing political landscape in egypt,
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that it is in the interests of the united states to engage with all parties that are peaceful and committed to nonvie hence, -- nonviolence that intend to compete for the presidency. >> this is not the newest policy we have spoken with the organization in the past but generally when the united states has had relationships with egypt and people in egypt it has been folks that are serving in their parliament, lawmakers and egypt is in a bit of a struggle to create a government so we are choosing to re-open the talks with the organization although they may not be elected. >> and they may not be peaceful at all and that could be the biggest problem with hillary clinton's statement, this is traditionally a very violent group that, again, is acivillated with those who want the destruction of israel. the senator spoke on on the republican point of view on all of this, on friday. he said it is unthinkable the
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administration is reaching out to a fundamentalist group, the muslim brotherhood is a group whose supreme leader declared holy war orgy had on the united states and israel just last october. we're not talking about a decade ago, we're talking about less than a year ago, traditionally a very violent group. what is the perspective of the united states? keep yourenemies close. do you elevate them by discussing things with them? >>clayton: this goes back to president obama and then senator obama talking about this on the campaign field. we had a lot of republicans fired up about that. it is what the muslim brotherhood is, here is their motto "allah is the projective, jihad is our way, dying in the
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way of allah is our highest hope." molly: and the objective is to destroy western civilization and sabotaging the miserable house by their hands and the hands their believers so it is eliminated. dave dave the question, folks, do they deserve the benefit of doubt? could they take on new peaceful ways? are they -- they say they are committed and clayton mentions they are poised to win seats in parliament. they will have a very loud voice in parliament, in in egypt. >>clayton: we all have skeletons in our past, we have bad friends and these a the friends they have. hamas, al qaeda, all in the mix. those are their friends from the past. let us know how you feel at
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fox&, should the united states engage with the new head of the egyptian government? >>dave: and we are on twitter. don't forget. moll and we have new video of strauss-kahn leaving a new york cityestaurant hours of being left from house arrest after the it was learned the maid lied about her life and the events that happened after the attack but the prosecution has in the dropped charges and are still planning to pursue the case. the casey anthony murder trial recesses today and both sides preparing closing arguments and her fate is then in the hands of the jury. we will show you the explosive testimony and hear what a former prosecutor say about the trial. and a 24-year-old nigerian man charged with being a stow away is not going anywhere, remaining
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in federal custody and a judge has denied him bail. he allegedly boarded a virgin america flight in new york last week using an expired boarding pass with someone else's name and he was arrested in los angeles after they say he tried to get on a delta knit with another old pass. at the bottom of the hour we will talk to a commercial pilot how something like this could happen. and arnold schwarzenegger, his 25-year-old marriage step closer to beingompletely terminated. his wife has filed for divorce. a court document shows they did not have a pre-nup and she is seeking spousal support and wants joint custody of two of their four children under age, and the filing is six weeks after arnold schwarzenegger admitted to fathering a child with a formerousekeeper. >>clayton: doesn't see that coming. she files for divorce.
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>>dave: shocker. we thought it already happened. >> and obviously, wisconsin is a site of a major labor dispute, remember the cold winter when the governor, there, was fighting against the labor unions there, and teachers now have in that state in an effort to, i don't know, save their pension money, a little bit of the pension money are going door-to-door asking local businesses there to chip in some money, donate some money, so we can keep our jobs and we can keep some of our pension. >>dave: not just some money they want the local businesses to close a $94 million budget shortfall. local businesses. they say it is on them. they will in the commit to 5.8 percent pension compensation they are supposed to provide, and that iswhat the local government is asking for. here is what the union says "we call on community stake holders particularly the business
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community, to step up and help self the district's idea budget crisis by mching the $94 million," are the unions getting the message in some parts of the country? not here, they say they would rather go forward with the lay offs and there wille 519 jobs lost if, in fact, they don't make the concessions. >>clayton: and the deadlines were yesterday. molly: we are talking about the milwaukee teacher unions asking the area businesses to step in to make up the short gap. the problem is with the funding. that is their side. i don't know how local businesses would actually do this. even if they decided--. >>clayton: small businesses are not struggling, they have an extra $1 million laying around to pay for the pension coverage of friends in mwaukee. tell us what you think at fox& or on twitter.
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>>dave: in milwaukee we want to hear from you. and a liberal website getting a tax break to attack fox news. a growing chorus is demanding the i.r.s. revoke media matters tax-exempt status. i will send this to shelley. yeah. and i can have a proposal to you within half an hour. we're a small business. with 27 of us always in the field, we have to stay connected. we use verizon tablets, smartphones. we're more responsive. there are no delays. delays cost money. with verizon, we do things quicker and more effectively.
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for chloroform on casey's computer. >> there is a log in. everybody in the company has a unique log in and i.d. >> do the records of this employee, then, show the user was at a workstation on march 17th, 2008? >> that is correct. >>clayton: the judge put the trial on hold to allow both sides to prepare closing guments. molly: we have a former prosecutor joining us. what do you think of the rebuttal? >> it was absolutely affected. short. quick. lean and mean. to the point. yesterday was absolutely devastating for casey anthony because the best moment in the defense's entire case was when sin difficult took the stand and said it was me, i did those
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internet searches because without the searches it is hard, not bowl, but difficult for the prosecution to prove the premeditation and, more importantly, as incredible as the testimony may have seemed it could have raised reasonable doubt in the mind of some of the jury. all reasonable doubt was erased with the rebuttal when the prosecution proved there cindy was lying, she did not conduct the internet searches and she was at work, doing her job, on her computer, updating patient records. >> technology. there is always a trail. >> always a trail. they can always bring it back. now we have sin difficult lies on the stand, possibly facing 15 years if the prosecution chooses to go after her, which i don't think they will, and you have a jury that if they are reasonable, they are going to realize that casey is the only person that could have conducted the searches. >> so casey is the only person that could have done the searches and now we move to the closing arguments. what do we expect? any surprises other bombshells?
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>> absolutely. you can expect, who knows what the defense is going to do? it surprises no one that all the claims they made in their opening statements they did not keep. they started off talking about molesting, incest, accidental drowning and they proved none of it during the entire case, and, now, they will have to get up there and it will bemoke and mirror and try to move away from the opening statement an try to focus everyone on the fact that casey was a good mom. all the testimony says that casey was a good mom and they will focus on the fact this was an accidental drowning and they will point out all the questions that remain unanswered, we doesn't know who did this, when she died, was it the duct tape? or the chloroform? that is what they will do. they will say you have to find her not guilty. the defense created a lot of confusion throughout this case, did they do anything right, here, that could save casey's
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life or, perhaps, find acquittal in this barrage of information. >>guest: the against tried to -- they made a huge mistake at the beginning and he tried to fix it going back to do what you are supposed to do, punching holes in the prosecution case, creating chaos, moving it away from all this damming evidence you have, all the partying. >> so overwhelming. i know you will watch tomorrow, as we see the closing arguments. thank you. great to see you. call it tax free propaganda, media matters using tax-exempt status to attack fox news. is that legal to use the tax breaks? >> kim kardashian may want to >> kim kardashian may want to stick with her day job. [ female announcer ] kiss everything you know about cookies goodbye.
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molly: firefighters bracing for a hot and dry weekend battling the biggest wildfire in new mexico history, the threat of flames is eased because of rain yesterday. and new york governor cuomo calling a special election for september 13th to replace weer. the winner will seven out the reminder of the disgraced congressman's term through january 2013. dave? >>dave: thank you, we have been telling you about your tax dollars subsidizing media matters liberal propaganda war against fox but should the left wing group be allowed to capitalize on tax breaks if they are made at the purpose to target a news outlet. a fox news contributor and chief political correspondent to the "washington examiner" joins us.
6:23 am
there is no secret they have not attempted to hide the fact that their purpose is attacking fox news. so, why, why do they get a tax-exempt status? >>reporter: that is the big question is. any groups that a right, obviously, to form and criticize fox news. the question is, should that be a taxper, subsidized, tax-exempt deductibl activity. media matters is something called a 501 (c) 3 referring to the section of the code that covers it and deductions to media matters are people getting to take off their taxes as if they gave money to the red cross or salvation army. and media matters is increasingly political in recent years and the founder has formatted what is scale add super pac to raise large amounts of money to defeat republican candidates and there are reports that the white house is in the entirely happy with that because they felt he was more
6:24 am
effective attacking fox news at media matters. the question is, should that be subsidized by the federal government. deep deep the deep pockets, obviously, george soros and tell us about his past for those that do not know. >>reporter: he is a billionaire, naturalized american citizen and has in the past been caught up in insider trading activity in jump, and spent $27 million of his own dollars in 2004 in an effort to defeat george bush, absolutely, totally, unprecedented effort on his part, and does not succeed, bush was re-elected in that year and since then, he has put money interest more strategic efforts like media matters and the liberal think tanks in an effort to elect democratic candidates. >>dave: people now are getting on the i.r.s. website, but is it up to the i.r.s., new, to take a
6:25 am
second look at that tax-exempt status and do they do that? >>reporter: they have in the past. groups he called themselves trading academies that were partisan operations that have last tax-exempt status. i should say that this 501 (c) status groups, they comment on political matter but media matters has changed the mission of late, in an effort to destroy fox fuzz, whether that is still covered by the original tax-exempt status is an open question. >>dave: the application described them as an educational organization. how are they "educating" people. >> they would say they are educating people about misinformation put into the public conversation by right-wing media but they are open about the fact they have changed their mission into a
6:26 am
specific anti fox mission. if you look at it outside the media context and u are obsessed with, say, apple computer and you devote your activity to calling for congress to pass restrictions on apple computer, to try and convince apple splayers not to do business with it, is that a legitimate taxes -- taxpayer subsidized charitable organization. >>dave: thank you for be here this morning. molly, what is coming up? clayton? molly: on wednesday, you can bring guns where you drink liquor s that safe? we report, you decide. >>clayton: and a group of doctors think tvds are making your kids fat.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends" we are playing with our inbad app if you missed anything on the "fox & friends" show, head to itunes app store and we have a brand new ipad app with all the great features from, and it is free with all the shows and great segments and dave was watching "wedding gowns on a budget." >>dave: i am watching clayton 's best travel guides. check it out. it's free. and it is a wildly popular app. >> and now what is going on in ohio this morning because the ohio budget has been passed. the governor kasich with a republican legislature, has gotten through very smoothly as "new york times" puts it, that is the headline, smoothly, the
6:31 am
ohio budget has been passed closing the multibillion dollar shortfall they experienced. some liberals are not happy about some of the cuts in education. but he says we have it all figured out, we closed it up and he t everything he wanted on the checklist. >> and this is the man that was the house budget chair back in the 1990's when the country had a balanced budget so this is something that a lot of people elected him to do. they wanted to solve the $8 billion budget crisis. as you mention he has been criticized because the cuts cut into education and nursing home care but the republicans say they needed to get it done because it was necessary to move forward. >>dave: quieter than what happened in wisconsin but a law allows guns in bars. is that a dangerous combination? you decide. but the fact of the matter is you can bring in your concealed weapons into places that seven alcohol, not just befores, but
6:32 am
shopping malls, and even experts stadiums. is that scary? bringing it into the cleveland browns game? but you are not allowed other places, businesses, because of safety concern. molly: there are some restrictions. >>clayton: if you have a concealed weapon and you are packing heat and dave comes into the bar he cannot have beverages no alcoholic beverages, he can have a shirley temple. we are fans of shirley temples. and you not have alcohol associated with the guns but it begs the question, how do they know you have in the first place? how does the bartender know? is it on the bartender to check you and pat you down? molly: so the criticism is the responsibility falls to waitresses and bouncers to ask if there are weapons invold and gun rights activists say if
6:33 am
someone has neither airous -- nefarious intentions they will hide the gun anyway. >>dave: and they say the people that have the permits are the intelligent gunsers, the people that went to education, went to classes and know exactly how to use them, when to use them, and it is not those people he is worried about but the ones without the permits you have to worry about. we ask you to weigh in on twitter and now the los angeles traffic control, los angeles police department, and specifically the traffic division, who i used to work closely with in los angeles, great people, they are now employing celebrities to weigh and provide tweets letting their followers know whether they there are traffic stopped or lane closings, and calling on them, and kim karshian was employed to send out a
6:34 am
twilighter to her millions of followers. >>dave: remember this weekend the 405 freeway will be closed on the west side, and here is the big problem, it wasn't this weekend and you are talking a massive, massive closing and she tweeted again, and they said, no, next weekend, not this weekend, next weekend the 405 freeway. well, kim, you still got it wrong because that wasn't the date, either. finally, third time is the charm, stay away from the 405 july 16 and 17. finally on the third she gets it right. molly: so she has alleviated this. >>clayton: i support this although kim got the dates wrong, because, look, who is reading metro updates if you are hopping on the freeway you will not -- we are not going to know
6:35 am
the highway is closed. you are not on the met website. dave dave and they enlisted lady gaga, but be careful what you read on twitter it is not always true so maybe look for a second source when you read something on twitter. molly: so check your tweet. libyan leader, muammar qaddafi, is threatening to attack europe unss nato stops bombing his country. he delivers the warning an audio message then played for thousands of supports in green square and says it would target homes and offices in europe. and the state department is taking this seriously. and nato has yet to respond. and, it looks like the government shut down in minnesota could last well into next week, going into effect after they failed to reach a budget deal and now they have no plans to talk over the holiday weekend. the shutdown is affecting everything from state parks to
6:36 am
services for the blind. >> some of them don't have housing. theyre waiting for public housing to come through. we have a student that came from a place where she was forced to sleep on the floor. >> and minnesota could loss countless tourism dollars and state parks and zoos remain closed for the holiday. >> a special 4th of july celebration for a ohio veteran, 77-year-old got to raise the old glory in front of his home after a long battle with the homeowners association. the association doled him 9 the flagpole was against the rules. but not so good for wisconsin veterans, ralph is waiting to hear if he can put up a flagpole and he has been waiting since march to hear from the homeowner's association. dave dave and golfers got together for a special event in new york, creating money for the foundation for breast cancer, one honored was fox news
6:37 am
correspondent correspondent, jennifer griffin, who thanked for the founding of the chair text. >> at the pentagon where i work in the military you do not leave your ballot buddies on the field, you don't forget anyone and you don't leave anyone behind, you dead indicated yourself to this cause, thank you, from all of us who have been diagnosed and you didn't leave your ballot buddy behind. all r -- we love her. and the event brought in $500,000 for cancer research. and in baseball, you have to see this. giants closer, wilson gets in the headlines for something other than the massive bird. he goes nuts, friends, in the dugout after blowing a save. i hope we have the video of this closer. here we go.
6:38 am
throwing it against the wall and he grabbed a bat, and starting beating on the cooler, taking all the frustration out on that poor cooler. there is one. giants went on to win the game 4-3. good news for them. and now a check on the weather. >> was that cooler full? >>dave: i don't. nothing spilled. molly: it seemed super human. >> if that was full, that guy is really string. look at the weather map, gives, when you wake up this morning, it is hot in kansas city for the wake up at 84. still. 75 in chicago. and 67 in minneapolis. eastern part of the country today will be looking really nice, a beautiful day, from portland, maine, to parts of georgia. a few showers in florida but this morning, rain across
6:39 am
illinois and indiana and heavy showers toward ohio, and some of that will turn severe later this afternoon. and nothing that will be a big severe outbreak but we will watch that and across the four corners, a little bit of rain and thunderstorms across colorado and nebraska and we will see that potentially becoming severe again, and maybe a tornado or two in the northeast area of colorado, and look at the temperatures, better to the northern plains and 117 in phoenix and nice in california, at 80 in st. louis. >> and now, drilling outside. dave can eat the meat. the chef is join us contributor to we have been tightening our belt during the recession and we want to put on a great 4th of july barbecue on a budget.
6:40 am
how? >> create a menu. you create a menu first and after you create a menu you create the recipes and after you create recipes you create a were showing list. a great tool you use to get all of this, with chicken and sausage, and seafood, you can go to the website and create recipes and drag and drop the things into your shopping list so you go to the store you know exactly what ingredients you are getting on a proper budget. >> it is about smart shopping. >> so we are making chicken. how do we get it on the grill the right way? >> regulate the heat on the grill. it is so important. the way i do it, i have one side very, very hot and the other side is coolero if it burns off i can slide it down. and, here i have a smoker going on and a few gadgets and upright chicken which is a good trick and? you have a bar skew closed down you can stand up the chickens and they roastp. >> this looks great but what
6:41 am
about the rubs? >> first, we will create a rub for the chicken, and it is all about making the food taste really good. i am adding cumip and white pepper and fennel so we have great spices and you rub it on the bird. >> and affordable. >> affordable, exactly. >> and crazy sauce. that is all you need to do. >> that is it. that's it. simple. very simple. and the other stuff? >>guest: i have marinate for seafood. i have ginger for the shrimp and lemon and orange zest and some lime zest, too. grape seed oil and olive oil. it smells delicious. and a little bit of salt.
6:42 am
and we stir it up like this, and, a little bit of fresh pepper. >> you do gourmet-style meals for affordable prices that simply. how long does the shrimp marinate? >>guest: a couple of hours. >>clayton: this is on >>guest: i have salt and mustard and we will make a dip for the sausage and ginger here. >>clayton: this is dipping uce. >>guest: yes, a dipping sauce. >>clayton: so you don't have the boring 4th of july
6:43 am
barbecue, we will co up all among long. this is exactly why dave gets out of bed in the morning. dave and molly we will cook all among with chef. we will show you more ways to save great money this holiday weekend. >>dave: i'll take two, buddy. next, hard to get on the plane without the t.s.a. all over you but somehow this guy got on board with an expired boarding pass. >> we've got a flood.
6:44 am
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molly: you may not see commercials like this on tv anymore. >> you won't get away this time, penguin. >> you and get this in mcdonald's happy meal. >> congress is being asked to ban fast food ads like this, from children's programming, but do fast food ads make kids fat? meet my guests, president of the institute for liberty. no more happy meals? no more happy meals advertising? >> breaking news, kids are fat,
6:47 am
really, really fat and we do not want them targeted with junk food ads and we have been debating this since the jimmy carter administration, and we are having this conversation becausearents are failing their kids so we should protect vulnerable children from the predatory advertising campaigns. >> is this a job for the parent >>guest: absolutely. the more we let government intervene in these areas the less parents feel they have to do. this sends the wrong message to kids. we want payments to take responsibility. we know kids are fat but it is not up to the government to decide what kids watch on tv. >>guest: the fcc, the ftc, and all these government obligations who are supposed to let us know what we should and should not watch for children. this is not about adults. >>guest: this is typical feel goodism. >>guest: i have never been
6:48 am
accused of that, thank you, andrew. >>guest: kids need to get out more and the study that is going out there, the american academy of pediatrics makes it clear, the problem is skid dozen not get outside. >>guest: that is not the problem. they need exercise to be healthy. molly: what if it works? could could help? >>guest: but it accident work. it is not about--. >>guest: eating right works. and the pediatricians are advocates for children and it works. molly: is this comparing fast food to restrictions on cigarette or alcohol advertising? >>guest: happy meals you put fat kids on the boxes. >>guest: the fact is that banning cigarette ads and alcohol ads on tv has in the curbed issues of kids smoking or
6:49 am
drinking. >>guest: speaking to childhood obesity the expectation is reducing and removing advertising for children of junk food could have reduced obesity 17 percent and these are pediatricians making the recommendation. parents are failing their children. society is failing their children. molly: we want to know what our viewers think. send us your tweets and e-mails. thank you, gives, national action against obesity and president of th institute for liberty for jumping in. boy, you guys were ready this morning to jump in. a lot of people cannot get on a place wiout getting invasive pat downs with the t.s.a. very active. but this guy got on with an expired boarding pass that was not his. how did he get by security?
6:50 am
6:51 am
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6:53 am
dave dave a nigerian man remains in custody after flying from john f. kennedy to los angeles with an expired boarding pass that was not his. he was caught on board the flight but was not arrested until he made it through security again. >>clayton: how in the world does this happen? commercial pilot and editor of a website joins us to discuss. robert, what would you do as a captain on a flight? >>guest: if i were the captain i wld not have been as patient
6:54 am
as this particul captain was when i had found out i had somebody on board who got beyond security illegally with an illegal boarding pass and an expired i.d. i would have landed the airplane and gotten that person off. i with not have felt comfortable. >>dave: here is what the t.s.a. is saying "it appears staff may have missed an alert when the passenger present add boarding pass from a prior flight." i don't get this, robert, i can't get my kids' yogurt through security. how did it happen? >>guest: they got beyond many levels of security, many times and what no one still understands, what was this guy doing? why was he on the airplanes? we still don't know. that is the reason i would have gotten him off.
6:55 am
>>dave: a the investigators can not figure out why he was trying to stow away and adding on to what dave asked is the identification. the pass did n belong to him but was in someone else's name. we have to show multiple levels of i.d., how did this happen especially in a major airport like this? >>guest: one problem we face is we check everybody. when you check everybody there are going to be times things will happen but that is why you have multiple levels. they should never ha gotten beyond the first person and again through the security machine without a boarding pass but even at the gate, almost every airline uses a bar code reader and if that bar code reader says this person is not on the manifest they don't get on so how did he talk his way on the plane? and how many times has he done this before?
6:56 am
>>dave: and something we fear in cases like this, we are presenting a potential loophole for terrorists out there. are there changes that we can make? are there things the t.s.a. has learned that can change to prevent this in the future? >>guest: i don't think the t.s.a. learns anything myself. we probably have spent $30 billion or $40 billion and we have a lot of people that don't seem to understand what their responsibility is. how anybody could let this happen through all the levels, and, again, and the only reason, think about what happened when the man got to los angeles, he was on the airplane illegally which is a crime in itself and they still let him go. how many different places did the system fall apart? >>clayton: well the t.s.a. got the elderly person in the adult diapers. robert mark, great to see you and thank you for joining us.
6:57 am
>>dave: check out www. www.jetwhine. >>dave: and getting ready for the jury deliberation in the casey anthony murder trial. will holes in the mother's testimony shred the case? stay tuned. naturals from purina cat chow. delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow. share a better life.
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7:00 am
republican -- this isn't political. >> he is going after republican policies, too. >> air traffic controllers if you are too tired don't worry, calln sick. the new t.s.a. rules that let sleepy controller skip work. who wouldn't love that option? we're too tired! >> plus, congresswoman gabrielle giffords astronaut husband throwing his helmet into the ring? >> i'll go into more detail about that next week when i visit iowa and new hampshire. >> what ring is that? >> more on the potential out of this world presidential bid. "fox & friends" in hour two starting right now.
7:01 am
♪ old glory, old glory molly: how is the broccoli out there? >> i will not go near that broccoli. it is morning meat. it is foyered up. and we will show you low cost ways to grill. you go into the super wal-mart and pick up grilling but you can get the price down but if you are not smart with the way you shop, you are $70 in the hole and you only bought a piece of meat. >> there will be no vegetables during this four hours molly. sorry. but, first, the vice president biden leaving no doubt there is a clear political divide these
7:02 am
those in the union and those who are not in las vegas at a huge union convention that was supposed to be nonpolitical. you tell me, folks, if you think this is "nonpolitical." >> don't any of you, by the way, any of you guys vote republican, i'm not supposed, this isn't political, i'm not supposed to say this, le me put it this way ... don't come to me if you do! you're on your own, jack. >> speaking of meat, he was speaking to a red meat ought conference, the international brotherhood of teamsters and biden is going on to accuse republicans of using the recession as an excuse to erode worker rights. to give the situation like we have seen in wisconsin and new jersey saying republicans are using the recession to try to erode. >>dave: to balance budgets!
7:03 am
oh, no. >>clayton: take a listen. >> now our republican friends have a different view. these guys actually believe, they are not making enough to protect their wealthy friends they believe that astrong u.s. economy rests upon an ever increasing concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a relatively few enlightened guys they think are smarter than we. >>clayton: we heard that from president obama early this week in the speech he gave talking about what seems to be a partisan speech talking about corporate tax breaks for jet owners setting up a class warfare discussion and the vice president is saying they are blaming you, not wall street, and their unregulated subprime
7:04 am
norths and this is a set up for 2012. molly: exactly. the elections. no doubt that there are a number of democratic-backed unions, unions tt back democrats for the election that fund democrats so this is not a surprise. he has a friendly relationship and joking and there is nothing that surprising at all about what he is saying and the jokes he is telling. >>dave: he is going do chicago next, very union friendly maybe stop by emanuel's office the former chief of staff for president obama because he quietly is telling the unions the same thing republicans: make concessions or i am laying you off 625 city hall employees are out if they don't make concessions. so make stop by and figure out why he is asking the unions. >>clayton: and governor cuomo is facing the same issues and a lot of democrats have not been happy and the republicans have been cheering on cuomo in new
7:05 am
york state, and angering democrats. let us know what you think at fox and -- fox& and more bombshell details of the hotel maid who doubled as a prostitute and had expenses paid by wealthy men, and prosecutors freed him after learning that the maid lied about her life story but they have in the dropped the charges. and after more than a move testimony, the casey anthony murder trial is closing. tomorrow we will hear closing arguments from both sides before the case is turned over to the jury. if convicted, she could face the death penalty. coming up, we will get ensite -- insight from the former u.s. attorney for the southern district of florida. and now timetable for lifting the evacuation order in new
7:06 am
mexico but officials are preparing for the return of thousands. firefighters are bracing for extremely hot and dry weekend conditions as they battle the biggest wildfire in the history of new mexico. last week mark kelly announced he is retiring from nasa and the navy, and yesterday, in washington, he put all the rumors to rest about a career in politics. >> i find it interesting when i hear i am running for plic office, it must be settlement i will go into more detailabout that next week when i visit iowa and new hampshire. molly: he didn't say no. but he plans to spend more time with his wife, gabrielle giffords give, and children. those are the headlines. >> would not be surprising, adding to the foamed -- field of
7:07 am
candidate. and rick is also running. rick: i am running out of here to get to the grill. a nice date. and better today than yesterday. it has been so hot across the central plains and still, already, 81 in kansas city and 76 in chicago. and we have a front moving thugh and cooling it down a little bit yesterday with heat advisories and warnings into minnesota and today the statiory front has sagged to the south so we have heat advisories in effect parts kansas and missouri today and we will see a few thunderstorms and showers across the areas, as well. and we have severe threat across chicago and around st. louis to cleveland and buffalo will see a threat through the day and back across the high plains and could be seeing a tornado or two throughout northeast colorado and nebraska but it will be wind and rain and hail. the high temperatures have been the story, it is still extremely hot down across the south, and dallas, again, at 100, and look at this, 117 today in phoenix,
7:08 am
brutally hot there, and it will zip a few degrees the next few days for sunday and looking like this at 102 in dallas and heating up to 93 in denver and 91 in rapid city. the heat is on. >>clayton: we talked about the airport traffic controller starting in washington, dc, in washington, dc, where the air traffic controllers were sleeping with the planes trying to land and the air traffic controller was nodding off. and now new rules make it okay to call in sick if you are sleepy. scale in sick instead of go do work if you are tired. >>dave: this is the solution. call in sick other use your annual leave time. imagine you are in your profession and you say i am too tired to stay away on the job today i am calling in sick. would we ever make it to work? all most members, we had a study six months ago that show most
7:09 am
americans only get six hours of sleep a night, we are overtire sod all members could call in sick and here is the f.a.a. saying this, air traffic controllers have the responsibility to report rested and ready to work to safely perform their operational duties but we also need to make sure that we have the right policies in place to reduce the possibility of fatigue in the workplace. they are trying to figure out a solution but i don't know this is right. molly: i would rather have them at home sleeping than in the booth. >>dave: or find people that are good for the job. but the other problem is the scheduling, with back-to-back shifts with only eight hours between. and you can have the radio on, or appropriate material, and i am not sure what constitutes "appropriate," material. >> reading to stay awake at 3:00 in the morning.
7:10 am
that is generally not a good idea. really? that is how most people fall asleep, you get in bed with a book and after a page you fall asleep. reading is a way to stay away? what do you thing of the new suggestions of the f.a.a. and 4th of july weekend, not just about barbecuing but patriotism. and now with that in mind, the 20 most patriotic states based on voter town out, and military population, as well. molly: and the investment they make. how much money the state spends on paying veterans and taking care of them. >>clayton: and we could throw in parade attendance, people who care for their community, not just voter town out. that was their criteria and here are the 20 states. number one is maine. >>dave: that is a surprise.
7:11 am
molly: average voter town out of 62 percent. that is high voter town out. >> wyoming, south dakota, new hampshire, washington, oregon, virginia, vermont, colorado, wisconsin, iowa, so are these a surprise to you? are they the states you expected? in the south i expected alabama. >>clayton: i don't see pennsylvania. molly: and west virginia is not but they spend $7 a vet on compensation but they did not make the list. >>clayton: delaware was the only original of the 13 colonies. come on, 13 colonies. step it up. and pennsylvania? >> and alaska. >> let us know where you it is
7:12 am
and you can weigh in on that all morning long. >>dave: the state of texas is being told to cancel an execution for a convicted murderer. stay tuned. looking good! you lost some weit. you noticed! these clothes are too big, so i'm donating them. how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios... five whole grains, 110 calories. multigrain cheerios... ♪ our time is short ♪ this is our fate
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[ ding! ] and we give you a discount on both. sort of like two in one. how did you guys think of that? it just came to us. what? bundling and saving made easy. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >>clayton: emotional week of testimony at casey anthony murder trial with casey refusing to take the stand. >> is it your decision not to testify based upon consultation
7:15 am
with your counsel? >> yes, sir. >> you understand your decision to testify or not testify is ur decision and your decision alone? >> yes, sir. >> and it is your decision not to testify? >> yes, sir. >>dave: and here with a recap the former u.s. district attorney for the southern district of florida in miami. the decision not to testify, what does this do for the opening that the defense used as the accidental drowning and the molesting where the two charges they wanted to lobby? can they still make those accusations without her testifying? >>guest: i don't see how they can. the controversial opening created cell imposed burdens of things that they will have to prove. there is no evidence of molesting, there is few hints
7:16 am
here and there it could have been accidental drowning. we may hear about that. but what i think the defense has to do is get up in front of the jury, acknowledge that he did not prove some things he said he would prove and ask them not to blame him, the defense lawyer, but, instead, to look at what the evidence shows about the guilt or innocence of his client and maybe turn this interes a more traditional, reasonable doubt case because the bombshells he offered in the opening could blow up in his face. >>clayton: one bombshell blew up on friday. we remember when this happened about the computer log in information. take a look at this. we doesn't have that, but, when the individual from the health services was testifying he said that cindy anthony was not searching for chloroform at home, she was, in fact, at work, logged in on the computer. that is damning evidence.
7:17 am
>>guest: it is tough. that was a few -- one of the few good days. cindy anthony when she said she was looking up chloroform, that issue is dead. how do they recoverst they focus on cracks or holes in the scientific forensic evidence of the case and they talk about the uncertainty as to how the death was accomplished and they have to evidence why, why, why would casey anthony skill her kid. motive is a weakness. it is hard to understand how a mother would kill her own 2-year-old child so she could spend more time partying. >>dave: i will be surface -- fascinated to see if perjury charges are filed. what do you think will happen? what do you think the verdict is? what is the most important evidence for the prosecution? >>guest: the most important evidence for the prosecution, they have a few: the duct tape,
7:18 am
31 days of lying and partying by casey anthony after her daughter's death, and strong evidence about the searches of the computer on chloroform and everybody in the court is convinced the remains of caylee anthony were in the trunk of the car. those four things are very, very strong. and that takes us to a very serious prospect that casey anthony will be convicted. different argument, different question from the sentence but you have to say that the defense is in trouble. >>clayton: death penalty? >>guest: no death penalty. >>clayton: you heard it here. great to have you here this morning. >>dave:oming up, she fought to keep her constitutional rights at her high school graduation but time magazine says the constitution should be ripped up. we find out what the
7:19 am
valedictorian thinks. [ male announcer ] calling all updaters. hold-outs. savers. it's trade-up time.
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7:22 am
>>clayton: and now time for the news bit numbers. 37.1 million is how much the white house is paying out in salaries including 21 top paid senior staff, each earning $172,000 a year. next, $1-- 168.43 is the gain
7:23 am
yesterday for the dow jones industrial average and half a million people fund out to see prince william and kate in canada yesterday, and today they travel to montreal and attend a cooking class. because she will be cooking a lot. >> and a high school valedictorian sued the school to defend her rights and won the right to say these words at graduation. >> god thank you for your gifts of your son and the forgivenesses that surpasses all understanding and i thank you for your great love for us and for our great nation where we are free. and in jesus name i pray, amen. molly: she was banned officer saying the religious words but the ruling was overturned and the free speech was restored. >>dave: as time magazine is asking, does the constitution
7:24 am
matter? here to weigh in is the high school graduate and valedictorian, good morning, angela. >>guest: good morning. >>dave: good to see you. what do you think of this on our most patriotic weekend of the year, the 4th of july, the image on the front of "time" magazine, let alone the con dent? >>guest: i read the article and i can agree there is some degree of disconnect between the time if which the constitution was drafted and the america we live in today. but i feel that publishing an article with a picture of our constitution essentially being torn to shreds on the cover is controversial, if not offensive on this weekend, of all weekends, when we celebrate independence day. molly: do you have a greater respect for the constitution after going through what you went through and seeing your first amendment rights upheld?
7:25 am
>>guest: i would like to clarify that the lawsuit was between a private family party and between the school district and the school district was for the prayer during graduation and i was not in the lawsuit against the school district, i wanted to clarify that. but, yes, it was really, i do have a renewed appreciation for the rights we have as american citizens and not just for the men and women who fight for the rights, but, also, a deeper understanding of the responsibility we, as citizens have, to exercise the rights and to fight for them. >>dave: can we use the image, the magazine, the article, as maybe the beginning of an important discussion that students like yourself ought to have. does the constitution matter? why is it so important? >>guest: i think "time" magazine did a good job calling attention to the article with
7:26 am
the photograph but i saw that to a parent and a teen child with the parent being a constitution, if the iues of that time are not necessarily exactly the same as the ones of the younger generation, that doesn't mean that the lessons they are trying to instill do not hold value and they cannot be transferred. good advis that surpasses a lot of time, and just because the issues are not exactly the same, that doesn't mean that the values don't still hold true. molly: and the framers were not afraid of messy which is why we should not be afraid to reinterpretation. what do you think? >>guest: it is important to get back to the history and the background and go back to the primary documents and see what the founding fathers' intent was from the way they present idea but the founding fathers
7:27 am
provided for adjustments to be made. they knew it would not stay the same from the end of the 1700's through eternity they provided for an amending process. but even if some of the issues were not directly addressed by the founding fathers, i feel we can use that same good advice and apply it to new situations to determine the best way to proceed. >>dave: you could argue that the very constitution allows "time" magazine to print this issue and put that image on the front and to write what they want so it is an interesting discussion to have. i have a hunch we could put congresswoman or senator in front of your name? molly: you have done an amazing job talking about this complicated topic. >>dave: happy 4th of july and best of luck in college. omb -- molly: a mexican
7:28 am
national murders a girl and the united states is telling next to step the execution. that is ahead.
7:29 am
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>> fighting for our right to live. to exist. and should we win the day the 4th of july will no longer be known as an american holiday but as the someday when the world declared in one voice we will not go quietly into the night, we will not vanish without a fight. we're going to live in. we're going to survive. today, we celebrate our
7:32 am
independence day. >>dave: that is legendary speech. "independence day," is one of the great patriotic movies, and it does it for me every time. >>clayton: the reason we are talking about it, the most patriotic movies of all time in american history and we have compiled a couple of lists and looked at different movies from through time, throughout film history. and we will put them on the screen. which came in at t of the list? we will star with five. >>dave: well start with five, but who knows? "forest gump. i see that. he was a military won, he won the medal of honor. and he is an incredible
7:33 am
character. number 4, "air force i." he is on the plane and punches the guy out and says "get off my plane." >>dave: that is an famous american moment. molly: and "glory." if the need the history. and freeman is in it, following the regiment with denzel. >>dave: and "independence day," and will smith. and that gives me american goose bumps. and i watch it probably every year around this time. i love the movie. but it is a cheesy ending.
7:34 am
>>dave: i thought you would love that ending. >>clayton: a computer virus. i don't buy it. molly: and "patriot." >>clayton: and number one was "patriot." with mel gibson based, in part, on an american general during the revolutionary war but not entirely yelled at. >>dave: we are getting yelled at "born on the 4th of july." >> but it was a downer. molly: what about "patton." >>dave: mine is "rocky 4." what is more patriotic than that. >>clayton: climbing the mountains, working out, and using the equipment and he is
7:35 am
running the mountain with the log. >>dave: we hear "living in america," played life in that movie and that is number one. >>clayton: i will give you mine later. moy: and we will take everyone else's ideas. fox& and i will show you mine next hour. >>dave: can't wait. >>clayton: a mexican national, a news headlines, raped and kill a teen girl in texas and why is the obama administration and the u.n. trying to halt his execution? molly: peter is live in washington, dc, with that story. >>reporter: the obama administration and the u.n. are telling texas they should not execute garcia on thursday, and the appeals have little to do whether he did rape or murder a 16-year-old in 1994 but, rather, centered on texas authority and whether they violated the vienna convention which is similar to
7:36 am
diplomatic immunity and now before he is put to death people are coming out of the wood word saying because this man on the screen, from mexico, won't told he could call the mexican consulate after being picked up for murdering the teen in texas the vietnam was violated and our solicitor general says that if we don't make this right americans abroad could end up having trouble to they get if trouble writing "that breach would have serious repercuions for united states foreign relations, and law enforcement and other cooperation with mexico and the ability of american citizens traveling abroad to have the benefits of counselor assistance in event of detention." now, the united states high commissioner for human rights weighing in saying through a spokesman that an execution would not be just saying "the lack of counselor assistance and advice raises concerns whether his right to a fair trial was fully upheld." amnesty international and the mexican government asking texas
7:37 am
not to execute this man, mr. garcia although the evidence iseal strong and his own lawyers say if he did have mexico's help he could have still and might have still been coicted but he might not be on death row and the governor of texas, his office says if the governor is going to consider clemency it is only because of a favorable review from the board of pardons and if the death sentence is carried out, it will be texas' 7th execution this year. guys? >>clayton: thank you from washington, dc. thank you, peter. molly: the 24-year-old, from nigeria, charged with being a stow away is not going anywhere with bail denied. early on "fox & friends" we talked to a commercial pilot about the case. >> what no one still understands is, what was this guy doing? what was the motivation? .was he on the airplanes?
7:38 am
we still don't know. that is the rason i would get him off the airplane. molly: oluwaseun noibi flew from new york to california with an expired pass that was not his and he was arrested in los angeles after he tried to get on another night with an old pass. and michigan's ban on affirmative action is struck down by an appeals court by 2-1 ruling that the proposal which bans affirmative action in college admission and employment unfairly burdens racial minorities and violates the constitution and the state will appear. and a veteran in florida, is under investigation for telling the truth about a bad neighborhood in his city. the officer told the concerned dad not to let his daughter to a north shore pool at night because of the high crime, and that comment got back to the police headquarters and now he is being investigated for making the remarks about the difficult.
7:39 am
he has an outstanding record faces suspension. and the u.s. main get as warm welcome home this 4th of july weekend, finally reunited with his loved ones in fremont, california, after being overseas for seven months. >> it means so much. i'm so proud of him and the country. >> i love serving this country, r great nation, and we were doing great things over there. >> the 19-year-old served in afghanistan on the scout sniper platoon and we are gla he is home safe and grateful to our troops, as always, this 4th of july weekend. >> those are the headlines and now we send it over to rick for weather. rick: the summer is feeling like the end of summer for so many. look how june shaped up for us across so much. a lot of texas, the hottest junes ever in midland. and miami, florida, the driest
7:40 am
june on record. and tulsa, oklahoma, 29 days above 90 degrees and that ties a record. and now the drought monitor: a lot of drought across the southern area of the united states from arizona to florida and the drought now beginning to stretch across the mid-atlantic. we need rain. we will not get it. and now, a look at what we have for the day today, it is actually quite a nice day with showers down across florida, and hot across the plains, and 102 in wichita and in the west we will see a nice day, finally, the west has been cool, and 77 in seattle with warm conditions and hot across the southwest. and, dave, over to you. >>dave: that looks like grilling weather wit good news for you folks out there with barbecues you don't have to break the bank and you can do this all on the cheap a efficiently. the chef is owner and c.e.o. of
7:41 am
a restaurant consulting and we are talking pork if this segment. you can fill the whole grill with fork. where do we start? >> we have beautiful pork chops down here, and ribs, and port sausage and smoke the sausage, and what is really important is we create flavor for our pork dishes. i have a few to put together. dave the key is t dry rub. that is the favorite. >>guest: absolutely. i have a few variations to create different flavors with salt and brown sugar, and coriander and pepper, and white pepper and black pepper and rub
7:42 am
it on the pork and let it sit. >>dave: 20 or 30 minutes? >>guest: that is fine. >>dave: you want the pork at room temperature? >>guest: room temperature is better. >>dave: and now you have an argentina-type flavor? >>guest: exactly. i have vinegar and oil and water with salt and se--. >>dave: it has to have cigar lick to which to have some garlic if it comes from argentina. >>guest:bsolutely. and the best thing to do with that is put it in the refrigerator and let it build up flavor. >>dave: plastic bag for a day or two. a day or two. okay. and now this chutney.
7:43 am
>>guest: i have beautiful cherries and onion and simple recipe. i have some cider vinegar and ginger and chinese five spice. >>dave: we will put the recipes on fox& if you missed it and the chef will be back with steak recipes. chef, go tips and more ahead in the program. >>clayton: coming up on the show he supposed a government program that sent guns across the border into the hands of the bad guys and he got fired for blowing out the whistle open the a.t.f. report. we report and you decide. molly: media matters is tax-exempt and is being subsidized by you, the taxpayer. the angels start second
7:44 am
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booking your flight and hotel at the same time gets you prices hotels and airlines won't let expedia show separately. book it. major wow factor! where you book matters. expedia. molly: and a liberal organization is picking a fight with fox using tax subsidies to do so. the founder, david brock says "the strategy we had toward fox was a strategy of containment and the new strategy is a war on fox." did you know you are funding this war? the director of the american center for law and justice is joining us this morning to talk about this. and now, your initial thoughts on the organization. >>guest: 501 (c) means you are charity, but the afl-cio is
7:47 am
presenting clients for free. and my organization is conservative, and we give something back. media matters just attacks and does not offer policy. what are they doing to educate people? they attack. they did not write policy or tell people, this is what we think america should do or what we think the policy should be. it is just, i call it a cut and paste job on anyone that appears on fox news. >>dave: we are talking american red cross and salvation army are 501(c) and should we in the take a second look? >>guest: anyone can apply for this status. it is not hard to get but when you build a record it is easier to loose especially when you are involved in partisan politics which is what media matters has done and now they can be reviewed.
7:48 am
what i notice is that all the fox news viewers who see this, media matters declares a war on form and now the fox viewers declare a war and that is more serious. molly: they are ying to tell the i.r.s. to make this no longer possible. how likely is it that the i.r.s. will revoke their status? >>guest: more than not when there is a lot of people that foil complaints so individuals can do it, and organizations can do it, and media matters is setting up a different organization and is in the process of that sew i wonder if they see the writing on the wall and are preparing to shift their resources. right now billionaires can make $1 million donation priestly in -- privately in secret and declare war on fox who does pay taxes and has first amendment rights. >>dave: interesting stuff and we have numbers that show the revenues are declining there and the contributions so it appears
7:49 am
it is not headed in their direction either way. >>guest: and some of that could be the shifting of the resources. and people getting concerned about how they are coming after a private corporation that pays taxes. molly: it will be interesting to see if enough of our views call on the i.r.s. to make a change. >>dave: you can file a complaint at the i.r.s. with a link on our website on "justice" tab. thank you, director of the american center for law and justice. thank you, sir. molly: he blew the whistle on a government that let guns cross the mexican border and now he has been handed his walking papers. [ male annocer ] using frontline plus
7:50 am
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>>clayton: operation fast and furious the government attempt to track illegal weapon sales on the border may have cost a border agent his life and now the a.t.f. is accused of retaliating against the agents would spoke out against the botched operation. joining us is a whistleblower, nice to see you and welcome to "fox & friends" this morning. >> good morning. happy 4th of july. >> happy 4th of july to you. it is unbelievable because you were served with democrat nation papers recently for speaking out about this operation.
7:54 am
why did you decide to blow the whistle? >>guest: well it wasn't just me, this were dozens of agents across the country who saw a detearation in our leadership and decisions leading up to this "fast and furious," bringing, making reports of the violations of rule and policy and law to superiors for the last couple of years trying to prevent something like this from happening. and this is the straw that broke the camel's back. >>clayton: and an agent was killed as a result and we know perhaps two of the weapons that were found at the scene may have been part of this gunrunning operation. we should be specific, it allows the traffickers to buy guns from the agent in a project called "project gunrunner," the initiative and president obama and attorney general holder have
7:55 am
denied the operation, they say they did not authorize this operation. what do you say to that? >>guest: somebody authorized it and something of this magnitude allowing this large of a breach of our borders and violation of our internal policies had to be approved, authorized and sanctioned by someone outside the agency. our director would never make a call like that on his own. >>clayton: you were served with democrat nation -- served with termination papers and the a.t.f. says they would not comment on ongoing personal matters and it is illegal to retaliation and the a.t.f. does not engage in improper reprisals meaning getting fired. what do you say? >>guest: i say there are
7:56 am
dozens, if not hundreds of examples in our agency right now. they also said, the agency, said they don't idle employees with no duties. and it was said last year on may 28th and i have been sitting for 12 months, now. since that interview. >>clayton: that is two years you have been sitting, what you call "idling," sitting in a room getting paid but not doing your duties and you say there are hundreds of other individuals involved in this. keep us up to date on this and we will try to get more information out of the obama administration as to who authorized that at fox news we will be all over it. have a great 4th of july week, vince. >>guest: thank you, you, too. >>clayton: herman cain taking off the gloves with a new attack ad against the current commander in commander
7:57 am
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molly: good morning, on saturday, july 2nd, president obama heads to camp david as debt talks are stalling in washington, dc. but republicans not so happy with the involvement. >> the best way to get an appointment with the president is to set up a tee time.
8:00 am
>>dave: teachers union refuse concessions to save jobs. instead they want private businesses to foot the bill here the but should small business be on the hook for the unions? we report. you decide. >> talk about fully loaded, a state letting you bring guns to bars. is this a good idea? or does it go too far? "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. >>clayton: "fox & friends", hour three, if you were confused. >>dave: over the last time mark. >>clayton: hope you are enjoying the wonderful 4th of july week. dave and molly, and the
8:01 am
maternity shuffle conditions. >>dave: good to know she is viewing. we start with the debt talks. not much will get done this weekend as you might imagine because congress, the house and the senate both on vacation this weekend, and they will be back on tuesday and the president is off to camp david so nothing is happen this weekend but the president says, folks, july 22nd, we need to have a deal to craft legislation that would already kick in by that august 2nd deadline. senator thune from south dakota has a suggestion of how to reach out to the president. listen. >> best way to get an appointment with the president is to set up a tee time. >>dave: 13 straight weekends on the golf course and i am in the sure if he makes 14 this weekend because it is his disaster's 13th birthday. molly: we have seen both sides, republicans and democrat, calling out the other side and saying, where have you been? we are working and now we are in
8:02 am
the seeing progress. >>clayton: some are worried they are playing chicken with the debt crisis and our reporter talked about something needs to get done and fast otherwise we will see major issues on wall street and beyond and around the world. senator milk ski saying that, look, we not afford to play chicken. take a listen. >> we not a third world country. going through some type of a banana republic regime but if they want to act like that, they can slip on their own peel. >>clayton: they are talking away from each other. when people, you are not having a conversation, they are missing each other. going over here and here and at issue is taxes, for democrats. they want revenue increases to defray some of the cost the cuts in spending and republicans want cuts in spending but for democrats entitlements are off the table. molly: each side is not compromising and taking
8:03 am
hard-line positions and there are concerns what it will mean if the august deadline passes what will occur and there have been various sides to story as to how dangerous it is and what it means for our international reputation and our financial security. >>dave: and the new york senator schumer suggested they want to take medicare and dicaid off the table. if that, in fact, is the democratic stance the talks will go nowhere, there is whispering of a short-term extension to get us through a up cough minutes but joe biden is not in favor of that. >>clayton: if they do not have the revenue increases they have to get democratic votes, speaker boehner has to get democratic votes and remember how difficult it was to get tax concessions during the budget amendment agreement that they were trying to pass a few months ago, many members of the caucus would not go along with it so imagine this as a greater debate in washington. let us know what you think at fox&
8:04 am
molly: and former i.m.f. head, strauss-kahn released from house arrest. this is new video headed home after eating dinner at a manhattan restaurant and we are learning bombshell details about his accuser, the negotiation post says the made doubled as a prostitute and prosecutors briefed him after learning the maid lied about her life story and they still have in the dropped the charges. and, closing arguments will take place in the casey anthony trial tomorrow and anthony's fate is in the hand of the jury. we heard damaging testimony undercutting her mom's claim that she, not casey, googled "chloroform," and that evidence is a major blow to the against and also a potential peoplery issue for cindy. coming up in 45 minutes we will talk with judge for her take on the case. and the government shut down in minnesota could last into next
8:05 am
week, into effect after state lawmakers failed to reach a budget deal and now the same lawmakers say they have no plans to talk over the holiday weekend. right now, the shutdown is affecting everything from state parks to services to the blind. >> some of them don't have housing. they are waiting for public housing to come through. and we have one student that came from a place where she was forced to sleep on the floor. >> thisis not cheap. minnesota could lose scoutless tourism dollars as state parks and zoos remain closed for the holiday week. >> and arnold schwarzenegger's 25 year marriage is a step closer to being terminated. his wife is formally filed for divorce. court documents show the couple did not have a pre-nup agreement, and that she is seeking spousal support and she wants joint custody of two of their four children, who are still underage. the filing comes six weeks after arnold schwarzenegger admitted to fathering a child with a
8:06 am
former housekeeper. >>dave: he will not be "back." and now rick? rick: okay. here are the temperatures, warm across the plains. 69 in minneapolis, a lot better than yesterday when you were in the 80's. we have heat advisories in kansas and missouri, extremely hot, and thunderstorms on the north side of this to the south side it will be sun but it will be humid. eastern part of the country looking beautiful right now, and we have had showers move across the great lakes and we will continue to see that. some of these are heavy, and maybe severe later on across the ohio valley and we will see severe weather across the high plains but theest has been cool, with extremely hot summer
8:07 am
so far and the west, a lot of california to seattle has been brutally uncomfortably cold and now, you have a very, very nice one in store. 77 in seattle and 117 today this phoenix, and tomorrow, cooling down, and back to 110 in phoenix and seattle is cool, as well, back to you. >>clayton: you talked about minnesota and their problems trying for maybe go to the state parks for 4th of july weekend and they can't because the government is shut down over the budget deal and in ohio very different. the governor kasich on thursday as "new york times" passed a budget deal smoothly, it went down easy in ohio. they made a bunch of cuts but they managed to close the $8 billion budget gap they were up against. >>dave: and balancing the budget and lowering taxes. states are looking for solutions, how to solve their nightmare, look to republican governor kasich and the state of
8:08 am
ohio. a law the governor signed into law over the weekend, is one that allows guns and alcohol to mix. how? you can now carry your concealed weapon into establishments that serve alcohol including bars, nightclubs and shopping malls and even in some cases, sports stadiums. molly: there are restrictions, though. businesses can say you cannot bring your gun in here. however, critics say this now shifts the burden of responsibility to waitresses and bartenders and bouncers to keep it safe. they say in guns in the establishment, how do they stop that from happening? >>clayton: if you are a ban -- bar tender, do you have to decide if someone is packing heat. >>dave: you cannot do both, if you have a concealed when you
8:09 am
are not allowed to drink the alcoholic beverage. so, they do not mix, but, right, who is going did know? the bottom line, ask any folks out there with gun permits and they will say we are edge skated, we go to classes and learn how and when to use them and how to keep the safety on. the folks that don't have the permits, you have to worry about them. >>clayton: the folks that carry illegal guns. i lid in the great state of ohio, in dayton, ohio, and those people, i have again to gun ranges, responsible gun owners. you do not have to worryabout them, they are legal. molly: it is the nefarious people carrying weapons. >>dave: and how do you get a union to make concessions? we go do milwaukee, wisconsin,
8:10 am
where the teachers union, rather than make a few conceions, a 5.8 percent payment to their pension compensation, rather than do that, they say, local business, we want you to step up and foot the bill. not just the small bill. not a couple thousand: $94 million they want you, the businesses, to step up instead of them paying up. >>clayton: we call on, they say, the business to help solve the crisis by much maaing the $94 million. how doou write that with a straight face? molly: even if the business owner wanted to chip in, how do they begin to start? in any sort of legal way, directly donating to a pension fund? how does it work? >>clayton: small businesses
8:11 am
which are fine right now, they are not suffering at all association they have extra money sitting in the bank, right, small businesses have in trouble getting loans in america, right, they can go do any bank to get loans, so, small businesses are hurting, they don't have extra money laying around to pay for teachers unions. >>dave: 519 jobs lost over the weekend in milwaukee, let us know how you feel about that story. the leader has declare add holy war on the united states, so, why is secretary of state, hillary clinton reaching out to the muslim brotherhood and scaling them a "peaceful group." lieutenant colonel is next. molly: and herman cain unveil as new attack ad.
8:12 am
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and we give you a discount on both. sort of like two in one. how did you guys think of that? it just came to us. what? bundling and saving made easy. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >>clayton: the obama administration is signaling they are ready to open dialogue with the muslim brotherhood. >> we believe, given the changing political landscape in egypt it is in the interest of the united states to engage with l parties that are peaceful and committed to nonviolence that intend to compete for the parliament and the presidency. >>clayton: what happened to not negotiating with terrorists? >>dave: we have the senior fellow at the center for advanced against studies and impact erica, lieutenant colonel schaefer, good morning,
8:15 am
sir. the secretary calls them a "peaceful," group. tell us about muslim brotherhood. are they peaceful? >>guest: their record is not one of peace and, frankly, one of their alumnis is now the leaders of al qaeda so it is kind of hard to reconcile their history with the path forward. there are two things we as americans in the world have to consider: border security between egypt and israel. and the balance of power she talked about the idea of minorities and women being accepted in the larger context of society. so, this is what is at stake. right now the administration is rolling the dice. i'm told, i talked to someone on the ground doing the work on this and based on what i was told this is based on intelligence, and the intelligence is telling the state department that the folks,
8:16 am
the larger group, the moderates, if you will, are willing to come to the table so there is no doubt there is an up side and down side to the course of action. it is a risk. >>clayton: we know the risk and we tried to work with muammar qaddafi not too long ago. that, woulded out. and the ties to the group are interesting, hamas and al qaeda including others. i am curious, look people have bad people in their past. are we expecting the muslim brotherhood got rid of the bad ties? >>guest: we have been effective in trying to move people forward. one of the good parts of the clinton administration was northern ireland peace process and they helped get things resolved in northern ireland. that peace process has held. but that is rare. so, now, we are looking at a group who supported hamas who
8:17 am
has supported a group linked to the leadership that went to jail for supporting terrorism. what do we get? we want something. we need something. and how do we give them something? mrs. clinton is doing the same thing every egyptian leader has done through sadat and president mubarak, engaging the folks. and what is scary, a lot of the egyptian army is somewhat pro muslim brotherhood so to ignore it is not the answer but the question is, what is the best course forward. >>dave: only time will tell. it could furtherisolate the israelis, too, and that is a group not happy with the obama administration stance. thank you, lieutenant colonel schaefer, have a great 4th. >>clayton: we told you of
8:18 am
media matters getting tax exemption for attacking fox news. stay tuned.
8:19 am
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>>clayn: quick headlines, an attorney for a nigerian american accused of stowing away on a flight says his client is embarrassed. a judge ordering the4-year-old to remain in federal custody as more questions arise about his intend. why don't know why he was
8:22 am
stowing away. >> an attorney for jared loughner appealing a ruling that he is forced to take drugs, and the judge decided they could forcibly give him medicine indication to make him mentally fit for trial. >> this week we have been telling you how our tax dollars, your tax dollars, are subsidizing media matters liberal propaganda war against fox news. >> but now fox viewers are filing complaints to revoke media matters, government handouts. and joining us is a viewerho filed a complaint with the i.r.s. good morning to you. >> good morning. >>dave: how do you feel about this, their intent is to aack fox news getting your taxpayer dollars. >>guest: i am not happy at all. this is a disgrace, it is wrong, we need to let our voices be heard. i sent a storm to the i.r.s.
8:23 am
saying they need to look into "media matters," and they filed their status as a 501(c) corporation as being tax-exempt and donations are charity and this is not a charitable organizations they are a left wing watch dog group coming after fox news and any conservative voice. molly: you getting fired up and you are joining many other people fired up about this. what is at the heart of this for you? >>guest: everyone knows and what we hear in the news is the big massive budget deficit. the congressman go home on vacation and we have a debt crisis but we let people get away with ourax dollars in this and if we went after them and had the i.r.s. do their job, maybe we would not have such a huge shortfall. soros does not need all
8:24 am
charitable contribution deductions. we could raise money there and on the income that media matters is earning because they are not doing what they set up. >>dave: viewers do not take action and they think it is too difficult. tell the folks how easy it was. >>guest: simple. you have a link on the when, and i went to it and it took me less than five minutes and i faxed it in and hopefully a lot of people are doing that, and hopefully our voices will be heard and i contacted my senator to make sure that he could follow-up because he is in washington, dc. molly: she was right on it. >>dave: nice work, if you want to join dana can you file a complaint on and click o "justice," tab. molly: clayton is chowing
8:25 am
down. >>clayton: they are eating burgers at 8:00 a.m., nothing like that. could i have some let us? herman cain is going do be live on on the show with a new ad calling out the president. live on fox. inside all of us is a compass and it always points true north. toward mountains of sand.
8:26 am
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>>dave: welcome back to "fox & friends" on the holiday weekend. if you missed any segment head to the itune app store with a new ipad app. it is free. it is completed. you canine it all, the casey anthony murder trial, streaming live starting at 9:00 on sunday, with closing arguments and baboons on the loose.
8:29 am
i am watching that right now. it is a gadget. >>clayton: i cannot find dave's sports. >>dave: they are one and the same. good you started your holiday weekend with us. and now headlines. molly: new threats from muamrqaddafi saying he would attack, men, women and children in europe unless nato stops bombing his country. secretary of state, hillary clinton responded tohe warning in spain moments ago saying nato's mission in libya is on the right track and the u.s. would continue to help nato see it through. and we are learning that a cop will not be suspended for making disparaging remarks about the city after the officer told a concernepatient not to let his parent go to a cerin pool at north because of high crime. that comment got to headquarters and he was investigated and he could still be slapped with a
8:30 am
memorandum of counseling warning him not to make comments that could be misunderstood by the general public. remember the air traffic controllers who were falling asleep? the f.a.a. reached an agreent on new rules to fight fatigue. they can now be allowed to listen to music, the radio, and read between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., and request a leave of absence if they are too fatigued to work. this year the f.a.a. adjusted work schedule to give them a minimum of nine hours between shifts. an emotional reunion when a mother meets the czar she gave up for adoption, two decades in the meeting. >> my god. my gosh. my goodness. this is jennifer reunited with her daughter, 23 years after giving her up for adoption, th met at a six flags amusement park where they were making up
8:31 am
for lost time. >> it means everything. i waited for this moment for 23 years. she always had a place in my heart and i knew th god sent her somewhere to be safe and protected. she and not wait to introduce her to her buy lodge -- biological brother and sister. >> and now a check on the holiday weekend weather. >>clayton: looking good. rick: okay, looking good, almost for even, no big stories which is a relief after the last few months where we had so much rough weather. this weekend it is still hot. as you wake up this morning, warming across the central plains. and another hot day there. but reprieve with areas to the north. and moving forward, we have severe weather today but it will not be major outbreak but maybe
8:32 am
wind or hail wherever you see the jell-o is threat for severe weather. if we have tornadoes it is across the northeast colorado and western nebraska. not a real populated area. the east coast is looking betiful across the northeast to the southeast and maybe a few showers across miami and it will be hot and humid and hot across the central plains including kansas andissouri with heat advisories and arizona, around 117 in phoenix. the wrest coast, which ha been cool for so long, it will look good and san francisco into the 80's today and tomorrow, and los angeles, looking good, and seattle is great, and tomorrow is cooler, and next week, looking quite good guys? >>dave: the barbecue is on the sidewalk this weekend in phoenix. and g.o.p. candidate herman cain is taking off the gloves with a new ad aimed at president obama.
8:33 am
>> it is not a calamity to die with dreams unfulfilled. but it is a calamity to have no dreams. >> let me tell you something, for the first time in my adult life i am proud of my country. >>dave: some suggest this could hurt his campaign. molly: herman cain joining us from columbus, ohio. nice to see you. >>guest: happy to be here. molly: and now, this ad is unique ad, and it would be a great video if it were a party, but you are serious about this. >>guest: i am dead serious. i am not afraid to call it like it is. and if you look at some of the people that the president has put his administration, some of the people he surrounded himself with, an some of their heroes, and some of the things
8:34 am
the president has done such as force health scare reform legislation down our throat against the will of the american people, yes, i don't think this is an attack ad, this is a fact ad about what this presint and this administration is trying to do to this country. >>clayton: sayg in the ad and you believe that president obama holds chavez and chairman mao in high regard? >>guest: i do, he has to be judged by what he says but by what he does, and what his people say and do. if you look at some of the legislation that has been passed, if you look at the actions of this administration such as suing arizona because they were trying to protect themselves and you look at a lot of other things this president has done, no, i don't apologize for this ad. the american people need to be made aware of all the pieces
8:35 am
at a coming out of this administration that i think has this country on the wrong track. >>dave: and your response to a new fox poll among republican primary voters that has romney, again, the frontrunner with 18 percent followed by perry who is not yet in and bachmann and giuliani, again not yet next yourself, with 5 percent, combined with what the iowa republican is reporting, they say the iowa director goff will tell down after two senior aides in new england stepped down and we have gingrich with the same questions, with the resignations has the campaign sprung a leak? >>guest: i don't think so. the answer is "no." in any organization, when you are building an organization like if you built a business, you have some turnover. it is unfortunate that some of our people in new hampshire and iowa decided they wanted to move on with their lives because they
8:36 am
did not agree with the strategy we laid out. i respect them for making that decision but in way does their leaving impact the momentum of our campaign. not at all. >>clayton: and big news from your campaign last night, in fact, and you have raised some money, $2.46 million and we don't have the final total, certainly not as your campaign has said last night that it is not as high as romney money, but money still coming in, but, that begs the question: can you compete with someone like romney who gets $10 million a night at a dinner? >>guest: i am learning on this campaign journey, money does not buy the nomination or is $1 billion going to buy president obama a second term. the american people are saying that it is not about money, it is about message, and it is about leadership. this is what is resonating with people and the other thing is,
8:37 am
my message that my experiences represent being a true problem solver from my business background. the american people i listen to, as i travel around are sick and tired of being sick and tired of stuff innedwashington, dc not be fixed including the debt crisis. we never should have gotten to this point. because of a lack of leadership on the part of the president they have a bigger crisis than it needed to be. molly: romney blasted president obama at the company that president obama visited to tout a stimulus plant and now that plant is closed, and we are talking job creation, which is vital right now. where do you weigh in on the president's record on job creation? >>guest: his record on jobs creation is a failure.
8:38 am
here is what this administration and this president does not realize. the business sector is the engine that drives the economy. if you don't put fuel in the engine the economy is not going to grow in a robust manner. this is why we have had an anemic 1.9 percent growth rate in this quarter. the plant that the president singled out is what happens when you do not do things like i propose of lowering the top corporate tax rate and personal tax rate and taking capital gains rate to zero and suspending taxes on repatriateed profits. health care reform, uncertainty. $14 trillion in national debt, that is why the economy is in the moving so that plan is another example how bad this economy is suffering. >>clayton: and now, the cover
8:39 am
of "time" magazine we asked gingrich the same question for his reaction tothe ont cover showing the constitution going through a shredder and gingrich thought it was a thought provoking piece and i was surprised by his response. have you read it? and ur thoughts on this image? >>guest: i have not read the entire piece but joe like it because it is an attack on the foundation this nation, we are a nation ofaws. those laws stem fom the declaration of independence and the constitution of the united states of america and if we believe the constitution is a moving documen that the administration wants to ignore we are in trouble. government was not intended to make up the rule as they go long. which is what this administration is trying to do and "time" magazine is trying to help in spreading that inaccurate and false message. i happen to believe in the declaration of independence and
8:40 am
the constitution, we don't need to rewrite the constitution, we don't need to shred the constitution, we simply need to reread the constitution and live by and enforce the constitution to make sure we maintain a stable nation of laws. >>dave: that sounds like an important message and that, some would argue, would not be able to be written without the constitution, the images would not be splashed across the cover of "time" magazine without the rights we were afforded. that was a good message for the 4th of july weekend. >>clayton: we have to ask any thoughts on the troops this weekend, with all eyes as we celebrate our freedom here in the united states and we thing of the troops. any message for the troops? >>guest: yes, i do. i would like to say thanks to all of the troops for their sacrifice. it is because of their sacrifice
8:41 am
that we can celebrate this independence day holiday weekend and we look forward to being able to celebrate their return to us because they are one of our greatest treasures. thank you for your sacrifice to the united states of america. >>clayton: well said. have a great 4th of july weekend yourself, herman cain. >>dave: vice president biden warning units they better vote for democrats.:
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>>dave: on our website, the salmonella scare in the united states, recalling sprouts produced by the idaho company ever green produce with 21 reported cases of salmonella poisoning and california law requires all students in grade 7th through 12th to get whooping cough vaccine with 9,000 cases,
8:45 am
the largest outbreak in 60 years. and now, enjoy the hotdog this weekend, a national cancer institute study shows this is in clear link between cured meat and odds of getting cancer of the pancreas. good news, clayton. visit molly: and we have the girl scouts here to sing for us over the 4th of july week. joining us to chat about it, is the chorus leaders today, tell me about the young ladies. >> the girl scout chorus is girls from all over the county, ranging in age from little brownies up to seniors in high school. and they are just a great group and i am proud to work with them. molly: a lot of viewe were in the girl scos, 50 million, and three million people
8:46 am
involved in the organization today, so, they are way more than cookies. everyone thinks of the cookies but talk about what they are learning. >>guest: right now we are beginning perform patriotic music but the girls do music of all different types. we have done mozart and popular music and they have done a wonderful job of expanding and learning complex harmony. molly: i will get right out of the way and we listen to the lovely ladies. ♪ he beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains ♪ ♪ above the fruited plain,
8:47 am
america, america ♪ ♪ god shines his grace on me, and crowned thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea ♪ ♪ oh beautiful ♪ in liberating moments ♪ for they loved their country and mercy more than life ♪ ♪ america, america
8:48 am
♪ oh beautiful ♪ for dreams ♪ dreams beyond the years ♪ america, america ♪ god shined his grace on me, on me ♪ ♪ and crowned thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea ♪ ♪ and crowned thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea ♪
8:49 am
♪ america, america molly: beautiful, guys. lovely surprise ending. we thought it was over but it wasn't, nice, nice, job, future leaders in america, the girl scouts of of the chorus. >>clayton: the casey anthony murder trial closing arguments set for tomorrow morning and we will carry it live and will the holes in the mom's testimony sink casey's casest >>dave: he could be the rookie the year, a 7-year-old threw a foul ball back and caught the attention of the crowd and his powerful arm. that is next hour.
8:50 am
♪ lexus hybridrive technology is designed to optimize any fuel source on the planet. even those we don't use yet. because when you pursue perfection, you don't just engineer a future-proof hybrid system. you engineeamazing. ♪
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8:52 am
8:53 am
>>dave: both sides will present final arguments in the casey anthony murder trial tomorrow, but perhaps the most damaging testimony against casey's mother, cindy, was heard yesterday. official officials at company she worked for took the stand saying she could not have been the one searching for the word "chloroform," on the home computer. >> there is a log in. everybody in the company has a unique log in. >> dot records of the company
8:54 am
show that user was at a workstation on march 17th, 2008? that is correct. >>dave: will sin difficult -- sindy anthony face perjury charges? >>clayton: that is the bombshell. it is over for the defense if this case. >>guest: by putting cindy anthony on the stand and saying she searched for chlorophyll and kicked over to chloroform they were trying to take premeditation out of the case. premeditation is the linchpin that allows the jury to find murder one and possible the death penalty. dumb, dumb, dumb, she threw
8:55 am
herself on the sword. she felt back that records from the company, the employer were gone, it had been too long and she had her own user password, et cetera. surprise, they had forensic people who went through your computer and proved you not only were on your work computer but you lied in a capital one murder case. it is called perjury and she faces 15 years for that if the prosecution decides to bring criminal charges. that is the big question. and we talk about that tonight. will they, should they, could they get a conviction. this is serious stuff. everybody understands a mother and a disaster protecting your child. the question is, did she go too far? we will see. the defense put so much confusion in the case with a lot of emotion. have they done anything? could we possibly see an aquital? >>guest: i sat in the courtroom and i looked at the
8:56 am
against attorney and i said if he were my prosecutor i would not let him in a courtroom. he zone know the rule of evidence or lay a foundation but here is what he knows, he is a street fighting who knows how to throw mud and if there is someone on the jury who will say, well, maybe she did drown, there is no evidence of that, and the against has no obligation to put on a case, but, once you say she drowned in the pool and the grandfather, a cop, carries her out and said you could go to jail for life for this, are you kidding, what cop will say will go do jail for an accident of the the big issue, is georgian -- george anthony's suicide note, does that tell us more than any testimony? and is there a message for casey anthony in the sioux side -- in the suicide note. >>dave: that is at 9:00
8:57 am
tonight and women all be watching and we believe you are headed back to orlando. >>guest: yes, we are, to the courtroom. >>clayton: and tomorrow on "fox & friends" we will cover that. >> and they branded sarah palin a ditz, and now they are going after bachmann, is we the mainstream media going after conservative politicians? ♪
8:58 am
♪ ♪ introducing purina one beyond a new food for your cat or dog. every day you live with the pain of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis could be another day you're living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you by asking your rheumatologist about humira. for many adult patients with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis humira has been proven to help relieve pain and stop joint damage. humira's use in patients with ra has been evaluated in multiple studies during the past 14 years.
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9:00 am
saturday. july 2nd, i'm molly line in for alisyn camerota. vice-president biden taking a gamble in vegas warning unions not to vote republican. >> by the way, any of you guys vote republican, i'm not supposed to -- this isn't political. don't come to me! you're on your own, jack! >> plus, he doesn't stop there. going after republican policies, too. >> dave: and their motto is, quote, jihad is our way. why is secretary of state hillary clinton giving the muslim brotherhood a place at the table and calling them peaceful. >> clayton: and most people catch a foul ball they hang onto it. not this seven-year-old, watch the gun, throws it back and shows off a heck of an arm. look at dad. he's going to join us live on "fox & friends" coming up later in this hour, "fox & friends" hour four starts right now.
9:01 am
♪ >> oh, yes, it is. going at it. and shake it, chef. and low cost ways to fill up your grill this holiday weekend. we're going to show you how to do that and the best part, we're going to get to eat. dave is trying it stay away. >> dave: i had burger and ribs. and shocking details in the case against the former imf fed dominique strauss-kahn, it will blow you away. >> clayton: your favorite hollywood weekend. and ff weekend on twitter. and we saw the shot of
9:02 am
vice-president joe biden at the teamsters rally, in the final day of that big conference, now, look, it's a red meat audience and so he's speaking to that crowd, big supporters of democrats and his boss, president obama during the 2008 election cycle and he had this to say even though it wasn't supposed to be a political speech. see if you heard any politics, listen. >> any of you, by the way, any of you guys vote republicans, i'm not supposed to, this isn't political, i'm not supposed to say this. let me put it this way, don't come to me if you do! you're on your own, jack! >> now, you know, this isn't particularly surprising. we know that it's a major base for democrats, union voting and here he is talking for the union vote, aiming for the union vote and had a lot more to say, he went after the g.o.p. for having different policies on the economy, take a listen.
9:03 am
>> our republican friends have a different view. these guys actually believe, they're not making up, it's not just protect their wealthy friends, they believe that a strong u.s. economy rests upon a never increasing concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a relatively view enlightened guys they think they're smarter than we are. >> i raised the question earlier this morning on the class warfare idea. you get the sense that's unfolding for 2012. >> dave: no question about it. republicans would argue we're trying to balance the budget and get our fiscal house in order and as you pointed out this is all about 2012 and saying republicans want to take money away from you and truth is like john kasich did in ohio, it's about balancing the budget, but he said that unions restore the american dream. i want to hear from you on that. and he had the vp to chicago
9:04 am
now where i think he ought to talk to rahm imaemanuel and tol the very city hall unions, make concessions or we're losing. it's not just republicans with tough talk for unions, it's the republicans that get criticized for it. >> molly: speaking of elections, over the pond in egypt, struckles to reform government in light of the uprising and now the u.s. is beginning to talk with the muslim brotherhood. they could be a force in egepgs politics. senator hillary clinton saying it's good for the u.s. to talk to all parties involved saying that they are peaceful. take a listen. >> we believe, given the changing political landscape in egypt, that it is in the interest of the united states to engage with all parties, that are peaceful and committed to nonviolence, that intend to compete for the parliament and the presidency.
9:05 am
>> clayton: earlier on the show we had lt. colonel tony schaeffer on this, and basically what the obama administration is doing is exactly what the egyptian presidents have done over the past number of decades, even up to hosni mubarak's era, trying to bring these people to the table in an effort to bring your enemies closer. >> miss clinton is doing what every egyptian leader has done from farouk, to sadat, to mubarak, try to at least engage the folks and one thing that is scary, my contact told me yesterday, a lot of the egyptian army is actually somewhat pro muslim brotherhood, so to ignore it is not the answer. >> dave: is this another shot to isolate israel, too, i think the obama administration risks because direct ties between the muzlim brotherhood and hamas, hamas committed to
9:06 am
the destruction of israel, and i'm sure netanyahu and others not about that. quote it's unfathomable that this administration is roochg out to an extremely violent islamic fundamentalist group, the muslim brotherhood, a group, declared holy war or jihad on the u.s. and israel just last october. >> is this a peaceful organization? a lot of team say it's noft. its motto, allah is our okay tiff, the prophet is our leader, koran, dying in the way of allah is our highest hope, so this is something that is ingrained. this is literally their motto. >> clayton: are we surprised at all? i said earlier, the at that thought about it the past two hours, president obama, then senator obama famously at the
9:07 am
debate. he said, look, we need to meet with individuals who may be our enemies and may not be willing to sit down at the table and now we need to sit down to the table with them and referring to iran and ahmadnejad, i'm not sure why we're surprised. >> dave: could pose a risk for women's rights going forward in egypt and that's a whole other concern. and let us into on twitter ff weekend. >> molly: the new video of dominique strauss-kahn leaving a new york city restaurant just hours after he was released from house arrest. this comes as new bombshell details about his accuser are being released and the new york post reports the hotel maid doubled as a prostitute, and had a lot of her expenses paid by wealthy men and prosecutors freed strauss-kahn after learning the maid lied repeatedly about her life story, but still have not dropped the charges. a 24-year-old nigerian man charged with being a stow away on a plane isn't going anywhere yet, remains in
9:08 am
federal custody after a judge denied him bail. earlier we talked with a commercial pilot. >> one thing no one understands, what was this guy doing, his motivation, why was he even on these airplanes and that's the reason i would have gottenham off the airplane. >> molly: he allegedly flu from new york to california with an expired boarding pass that was not his and his arrested in los angeles after they say he tried to get on another flight with another invalid pass. and the government shutdown over budget woes causing some major problems in minnesota. right now, thousands of people, including laid off state employees are without child care subsidies, and state lawmakers failed to reach a budget deal and are not expected to reach p it until next week. critical spots like state troopers and prison workers will remain available during the shutdown.
9:09 am
a u.s. marine gets a warm welcome home this weekend. riley walter was reunited with loved ones in fremont, california after being overseas for seven months. >> it means so much to him. >> i love serving this, and we were doing great things over there. >> the 19-year-old served in afghanistan in the 2nd battalion sniper platoon and glad he's home safely and also, very safe out there on the plaza, we have rick reichmuth to look at our weather for us this july 4th weekend. >> anytime you put a lot of food out here we've got a beg crowd. >> molly: maybe not so safe. >> you've got to me. got to say high to your mom. >> hi, mom, macon georgia and you girls, you're not here to see us. >> no. >> you're here to see what. where do you want to go. >> american girl. >> the parents come here and the kids american girl. take a look at the map, june has been a hot month for so
9:10 am
many people across the south and temps today are into the 90's across the south and 5, 6 degrees above your average, but the numbers below, 27 days in atlanta, 29 days in mobile and bot ton rouge, 27 days of june above average. move forward in the central plane, little rock, 27 days of your june you're above average and texas, unfortunately, the big winner with the heat and the drought going on across texas and talking about temps in lubbock every day in the month of june you're above your average and it's going to continue unfortunately. drought going on and heat continuing, a slight break across the northern plains for the heat and the front moved through and threat for severe weather and we'll be dealing with the threat. and yellow from st. louis to peoria and indianapolis, cleveland, around buffalo, the threat for some wind and hail damage maybe, any tornados that we see today is going to be on the western side of it, that you see that, across the high plains. temps for your day tomorrow,
9:11 am
looking like this. phoenix 110, across the west, looking really nice and heat tense across the parts of the south. go get to the american girl store. >> all right. >> rick, thank you, sir. instead of measuring the temperatures on that weather map, the daily measured patriotism across the united states, in particular on this 4th of july holiday weekend. how do they measure it? i think voter turnout. >> voter turnout. >> dave: percentage of veterans among the adult population and how much you spend. >> molly: how well the states treat their veterans. >> clayton: two areas where they actually did -- excuse me, check, back again. roll back. two areas where they qualified this. the top states that are the most patriotics. number one is maine, alaska, montana, wyoming, south dakota also on the list, minnesota, washington, oregon, virginia, vermont, north daimler-chrysler, colorado, wisconsin, iowa.
9:12 am
>> dave: they're in that order and impressive when we roll through the top 20 and average voter turnout in maine, 62% that's pretty impressive. when you look at the states, percentage of veterans among the population like in number two, alaska, 15% of the population, veterans. >> molly: you know, my home state of west virginia did not make the list, but spend more than any other state on average. $7.81 per veteran, but didn't make the list. >> dave: that's like $2 more. >> molly: a lot of people in other states that didn't make the list. >> dave: not voting, they're probably not voting. that's the problem. >> molly: i'm just saying. >> clayton: i was surprised. maine was on the list, but they have a high senior population and so does florida, but florida wasn't there on the list, i was surprised by that. my home state of pennsylvania wasn't on the list and philadelphia of course where the country started and i think we all know where everything happened there. but i did mention earlier in the show that only a few of the original 13 colonies were there and said, one, i didn't
9:13 am
see the list roll, virginia, new hampshire and delaware were in there. three of the 13 colonies. get your votes in for the most patriotic state. >> dave: the media constantly criticizing sarah palin and there's a new target now. michele bachmann. is the media waging a war? >> and home owners association, the right to fly old glory. he may get to fly the grand old flag after all. ♪ ♪ i will send this to shelley. yeah. and i can have a proposal to you within half an hour. we're a small business.
9:14 am
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9:16 am
>> first they called sarah palin a dits and then christine o'donnell a witch and now the claws coming out against congresswoman michele bachmann. >> the founding fathers worked tirelessly to end slavely. >> if you look at john quincy adams, a very young boy working with his father and serving essentially as his father's secretary. he tirelessly worked throughout his life to make sure that we did in fact, one day, eradicate slavely. >> he wasn't one of the founding fathers. >> molly: and does the mainstream media have a bias against conservative women? our next guest, andrew breitbart joining us. >> dave: he's not one of the founding father, but the questions asked of michele bachmann, would you hear those posed to mitt romney, tim
9:17 am
pawlenty. >> no, you would here it against barbara boxer, but the thing is that sarah palin and michele bachmann represent an extension threat to the democratic party, 20 years clarence thomas has a black man represented to liberals in the democrat party. the democratic party likes to think of itself as the party of minorities. when in the republican party so many women and attractive women and accomplished women rise to the top, it's going to take the media to destroy them. at the end. day michele bachmann and sarah palin, go by the polls, represent what the american people represent on the issues. >> molly: you know, our lawmakers and candidates themselves, they're not infallible and make mistakes. and we have a clip hereof gaffes president obama has made. >> iran, cuba, venezuela,
9:18 am
these countries are tiny compared to the soviet union. i've now been in 57 states. i don't know what the term is in austrian. wheeling and dealing. navy corpsman bouchard. corpsman, malia is 13 and ash sha 10. they're 13 and 10. and do you feel the media is treating president obama differently than michele bachmann gaining team on the campaign trail. >> they call in tennis, an unforced error. what they try to do with palin ale and michele bachmann, to force errors and ask gotcha questions. life for them is permanent jame game of jeopardy. and he of the george stephanopoulos, trying to make
9:19 am
it on youtube. >> dave: and of course, on july 4th weekend, shows the constitution going through a shredder, you can see the title. does it still matter. your take on this, as some are calling it, a war on the constitution on our most patriotic weekend? >> well, that's the battle that's been going on in america for the last two years, and why i have put all of my weight not with the republican establishment per se, but with the tea party movement because they saw the aden sentsy as barack obama's election, these are two forces in the country. the left believes that the constitution is whatever it they want it to be on today and people in america are saying, wait, this slippery slope, we've been going down too long. we have he a lost so many of our founding principles and allowed for the country to move towards that type of thinking and this is just the pendulum swinging back towards a belief that the constitution
9:20 am
actually means what is written on the parchment. >> molly: wow, thank you so much, andrew. we appreciate you weighing in on the constitutional controversy as well as michele bachmann and the things that she's facing with the media recently. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> dave: thanks, andrew, have a good 4th. check out the website the liberal website media's main goal, attack fox news. did you know they get an exemption, we break it down next. >> molly: the rookie of the year meets-- we'll meet the seven-year-old who threw this foul ball back at doernls stadium. caught the attention of the whole crowd for sure next. >> fouled it off--
9:21 am
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9:24 am
♪ icht. >> clayton: most kids dream of catching a foul ball at a baseball game and kyle caught everyone's attention when a ball from andre torres landed near him in the bleachers and then this happened. >> 2-2, torres, orb 2 and fouled it off just above us. i like the strategy, i do like the american league ball clubs being challenged in one of these ball parks. >> oh, wait a minute. a good arm right there. >> and did they get thrown down? >> not happy about that. >> we're joined by carlos morales and his son who threw the ball back in san francisco. thanks for waking up so early this 4th of july weekend. >> nice-- good morning, clayton. >> clayton: got to see you guys. you were at a game a week ago when this happened.
9:25 am
what were you thinking? take us exactly through what happened there. >> well, torres was up to bat and the file ball was headed to kaya and next to a location where the camera was and the ball landed there, he went and grabbed it, we were excited he got the ball and then all of a sudden, we see him throw it back. and as you can see, my-- i was shocked and just laughing the whole time. i couldn't believe that he threw it back. >> clayton: what were you thinking? we see that expression on your face. and-- >> right. >> what were you thinking when you decided to throw the ball back? wasn't that every boy's dream? i use today bring my mitt just hoping to catch a foul ball in philadelphia. >> well, when i threw the ball back, and once i knew to keep the ball, i knew that i had to keep it not throw it back. >> clayton: well, carlos,
9:26 am
there's some history here, obviously. it's common practice, right? he was sort of following some rules. why is that? >> well, he played t-ball and playing for two seasons. unfortunately last season he was on the padres not the giant. on t-ball, you throw the ball back and game continues. and when i asked him why he threw the ball back, he mentioned he wanted the game to continue. >> clayton: and want today see the rest of the game going on. now, you throw the ball back and i have to ask you before i asked you, carlos, you had to think my son has a great arm. that's one of the things i noticed right away. a wicked gun on that, if we roll that video. >> yeah, he, he does pretty well. he plays a couple sports and excited to see little league next year. >> clayton: here we go, the gun and boom, there you go. kaya, what did you think when you heard the audience
9:27 am
reaction? >> i thought they were like, kind of funny. >> clayton: they were kind of funny and you wanted to know what in the world went wrong. guess what, the san francisco giants heard all about the story and you threw the ball back that was fouled off by andre torres. well, we have something special for you, the san francisco giants wanted to bring this in to you, a signed baseball from andre torres and wanted to hand this to you, hopefully we have it there. there it is. >> are you dp i having it to me. >> oh, wow. >> are you giving it me? >> yes, it's yours, that's yours now, an officially signed ball from torres himself. not the one you threw back. guys, so great to have you on the show this morning, and have a great 4th of july and learned your lesson, don't throw them back. >> thanks so much. >> thanks. >> clayton: after getting caught napping on the job, air traffic contollers that are too tired to work, don't have to show up, the new rules that let them skip work. and if you're looking for
9:28 am
something to watch this 4th of july weekend, the movie "the patriot" we have the top patriotic movies of all time. that's next. >> i'm sergeant first class goodman in shelby, mississippi, and we are deploying to afghanistan. and shout out to wife mary, eric, maggie and carter, my three kids. can't wait to come back home and see you. thank you for everything you do. com, like plus, don't miss our free family summer camp. find out more at... so i've got to take care of my heart.
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9:31 am
e. >> clayton: what are the risks involved-- >> they hated your speech, didn't they. >> get off my plane. >> molly: classic. >> clayton: a patriotic movie there and harrison ford punching out the terrorist on board the flight there. we asked you what your favorite patriotic movie is, and based on ideas that were generated on fox your votes for your favorite patriotic movie. >> dave: yeah, i think we've got mine cued up. great, let's give you the list of what they compiled online for us. gump of course, a war veteran and told the american history. air force one.
9:32 am
glory, with denzel washington. number two, independence day, cheesy, but patriotic. >> molly: fighting off the aliens. >> dave: you have to name the patriot, i guess. >> molly: how about born on the 4th of july. >> clayton: that's a downer. >> dave: i don't know that that's the most, you know-- >> i heard someone else say, yeah, i don't think you really want to think about that as a rah-rah patriotic movie. >> dave: let's see if you agree with mine. i think this is number one on the list. immediately jumped in my head. cue it. . >> i love this movie. >> you know why i love it, i love the workout scene. >> oh, yeah. >> molly: the workout. >> clayton: he's working out and carrying logs and chopping wood while drago is in the plush facility. >> dave: injecting steroids. why it's american to me, the obvious reason, you see the red, white and blue trunks and
9:33 am
james brown singing "living in america" and apollo creed giving the mic and rocky, rocky, and that's like our country-- >> here is mine and i want to see if you think this would be mine at all, but this is one of my favorite patriotic american movies of all time. '80s movie, "red dawn", take a look. >> dave: i love "red dawn". >> clayton: though, that's a little awkward. >> dave: that's not red dawn. "red dawn" is it a classic and i didn't think you'd say that. >> clayton: there it is. wolverines and think about the wily band of individuals out on the frontier, save the united states from invasion. they really had that american spirit, didn't they. >> dave: how about spies like us? >> how about space race, great, too. >> clayton: we had the viewers e-mails and you get to sound
9:34 am
off. glenn wrote, dave briggs nailed it, my favorite is "rocky iv" pure usa. >> dave: pure genius. and you can't get much more patriotic than five brothers so dedicated to their country they insisted on serving together although it ultimately cost them their lives. >> molly: from grand rapids, michigan, hands down my favorite movie 1776, watched it again in honor of our founding fathers. >> clayton: linda, i grew up watching and loving james cagney "yankee doodle dandy" and our floor director, 1929. >> date yourself there. >> dave: and keep them coming. >> clayton: ff weekend and i heard somebody doing a rocky iv line. >> molly: you're going to hear a lot of movie lines today. first some headlines.
9:35 am
both the white house and the united nations coming to the defense of a convicted killer, that's right. and mexican national is set to be executed in texas thursday after raping and murdering a teenage girl. now the obama administration and the u.n. are trying to stop the execution. why? well, they say that garcia's rights were violated he wasn't told he could call the mexican consulate after his arrest. the f.a.a. and contollers union reached an agreement regarding fatigue. they will be able to listen to the radio and request a leave of abs absence if they're too fatigued to work and suggested they get a minimum of nine hours off between shifts. we're learning that a st. petersburg, florida cop will not be suspended about making disparaging remarks about the
9:36 am
city, told a concerned parent telling his daughter not to go to the north shore pool at night because of high crime and that comment got to the police headquarters and he was investigated. he could be given a memorandum of counseling, and a slap on the wrist, rng with a-- >> 77-year-old fred quigley got to raise old glory in nt fro of his home, after a long battle with the home owners association, told him that a flagpole was against the rule and finally, gave in to his request this week. not so good news for a wisconsin veteran. he's waiting to hear if he can put a flagpole in his front yard, and waiting for his home owners association, those are your headlines and now to rick, who has been a standing guard on the plaza guarding the great barbecue and drawing a crowd. >> it's true, a lot of good food here and it's a good
9:37 am
weekend for food and almost everybody will have nice barbecue weather all weekend long, except it's going to be a little hot take a look at the maps, warm across parts of the central plains and check it out. and mill land and childress, texas, hottest june on record and miami and alamosa, colorado driest june and 29 days above 90 in oklahoma, and this rng mo, it's hot and going to continue to be hot, in across kansas and into missouri and another hot day to the know are the a little bit of a break, 10 degrees from where you were yesterday and that's why the advisories are gone. here is your forecast for the eastern part of the country, very nice across the coast, on the east and across the west and finally nice conditions from seattle all the way down to los angeles. all right, dave, we'll send it over to you. >> dave: thank you. barbecue on the sidewalk in phoenix and do it on a budget
9:38 am
across the country. all of you folks want to figure out how to do that, the answer comes from the chef, owner and ceo of ekb restaurant counseling, consulting, not counseling. some need counseling. >> absolutely. >> dave: we're talking about steaks and burgers, first, woo he have some pieces that you say are starting to sprout up. what are they. >> starting to see them on the menu across the country, a hanger steak here, a flat iron skirt steak, and they're less expensive. i have a video up and shows you exactly where the cuts come from. >> dave: they are affordable. >> affordable. >> dave: and you suggest it's all about the season ningseasonl us where it start. >> i'm going to tell people how to create the extra, extra delicious. >> dave: let's do it. >> let's step over here, what we're going to make first. first of all, once you purchase that meat what you want to do create a marinade.
9:39 am
canola oil and olive oil and okay, add that together and i have some papaya here, a natural tenderizer and enzymes in it that actually breaks the fibers, of the meat which makes it tender and i've added a little bit of, i have some-- >> let's go to the burger as well as the steak? >> not the burger, this is more for-- >> mainly for the steak. >> pepper corns lemon thyme, bay leaves, garlic, cloves, take your strategic and place it into the mix like so and place it in the refrigerator, couple hours. >> dave: how long, couple hours. >> you're good to go. now we have the steak marinading and create a rub to give it the flavor, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, cayen cayenne pepper and chili powder and a little rosemary here and mix it up and
9:40 am
basically place it on top of your meat like that after it's marinaded. >> dave: brilliant. all of these in your cabinet. >> quickly on the last one. >> a steak sauce, you want this one done. >> dave: vinegar and dijon. >> mustard and ketchup and mix them together and ready to go. >> dave: this is a steak mayor made. >> no, a steak sauce. >> dave: it's a steak sauce, you can find the video as well as you mentioned on dinner and we will post these recipes on our website. all the boys outside and now we're going to get out to clayton with our friends from home depot. >> clayton: thanks, dave. you were talking about saving money and grilling and not breaking the bank when you actually have to do that. we're talking the same thing with dave white at home depot and how to save money with your thermostat around your home. >> this is a great time to start taking a look at the old thermostat and thinking about upgrading it to a programmable thermostat. >> if you have a slider one. >> slider ones or that one behind you, a turn, and basically what happens, you have to adjust the temperature
9:41 am
whenever you want it to change and turn it down and turn it up and replace it with something programmable and it will change automatically for you and leave in the house in the morning and it go down and cool and heat the house during the day before you get home. so the whole day, it's shut down so that you're not wasting money while you're going. >> some of the ones, you have a seven day one to pick from, a five and two day programmable. >> and seven day means a denver setting high and low, different times for every single day of the week and some of them are weak days and weekends and just get one that suits your needs. >> listen to this, save mocks me all the time for gadget love. i got excited over a thermostat today because this one that we're going to install here in a second, actually has wi-fi built into it. >> your thermo-ecstatic. sorry about that, folks, has wi-fi built in, and when you're away from the house, use your smart phone to jump
9:42 am
online and turn it up and down. >> you can check your temperature and turn it up and down. even if you don't get the high-tech, the basics of the installation, this is the old thermostat. shut off the breaker at your heating and air system so that's off and then you're just going to take the top off your old thermostat and disconnect the wiring here and this is all low voltage, as long as everything is shut off you're fine. disconnect the wires and unscrew it and take this off and what you're left with is a wire coming through the wall. now, you want to wrap it around something because a lot of times it will fall back through and then you'll be in trouble. >> fall through the wall and then it's easy. >> label the wires, not just because of the color, but steams they're different colors, and you want to look at what's on the back of your original thermostat like this one was an old free wire and you want to label it with the actual code on the old one and make sure that's there. now we're ready to put the new one in and really, it's easy and kind of match the colors
9:43 am
up. >> right in the little slots. >> and screw it in like that and this one, you need to check and make sure that you have the c wire, an extra little low voltage wire to help control the wi-fi. something to look out for when you do the installation. and connect it, screws and anchors in the wall, batteries on, covers, put on top and now get on to your-- you can program it and go away and-- hey, the house is too hot. turn it down. >> clayton: i never would have thought i'd be this excited. >> it's a little hot, i'm turning it down a little bit. >> clayton: and letting us know we've got to go. dave white from home depot, that's your meal this morning. >> thanks so much. >> clayton: go to home and detailed videos there and youtube is great. >> molly: and information coming up on the casey anthony trial set for tomorrow. our panel weighs in what does each side need to say to win the case next. maybe you can call it tax-free
9:44 am
propaganda. media matters getting a text exemption to rage against fox news. the details next. and to help celebrate america, a patriotic message from one of our brave service members. >> i'd like to wish my family brenda, wesley and summer a happy 4th of july in texas. i love you and miss you very much. [ male announcer ] calling all updaters. hold-outs. savers. it's trade-up time. 'cause the prices we've beewaiting for on those features we've been looking for... are here. which means we can finally kick out the old and pick out the new. we've got 'til july 6th. let's snag some serious savings. more saving. more doing. that the power of the home depot.
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low-dose tablet you take every day so you can be ready anytime thment's right even if it's not every day. tell your doctor about your medical condition and all medications and ask if you're healthy enough for sexual activity. don't take cial if you take nitrates for chest pain as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. [ man ] do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache oruscle ache. to oid long-term injury eek immediate medical help for an erecon lasting more han 4 hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, stop taking cialis and call your doctor rit away. [ male ancer ] ask your doctor if cialis for daily use is right for you. for a 30-tabl free trial offer, go to >> all this week we've been telling you how your hard earned tax dollars are funding a liberal website's propaganda war against fox news. for more on the people behind the attacks we turn to correspondent james rosen in
9:47 am
washington. >> thanks for watching everyone. >> perhaps fox news's harshest critic is media matters for america, mma. a group founded in 2003, by a former reporter david brock, conservative turned liberal and funded by george sorrows, in the forms filed with the u.s., the group described its purpose as charitable and dragsal. mma said it would work to counter quote viewpoints in the media that tend to overly promote corporate interest, rights of the wealthy and a conservative, christian-influenced ideology. >> and may do so strongly, but you can't have it unsubstantiated opinion and you have to be reasonable and objective about the way you present your views, so excessive inflammatory language would be one factor that the internal revenue service could look at. >> reporter: in an interview in march. brock was voted telling
9:48 am
politico mma shifted launched a quote, war on fox. opposition research against a dozen or so mid and senior level executives and producers and it's also instigating lawsuits against fnc and even starting an operation in the u.k. to focus on rupert murdoch the fnc's parent company and disrupt his interests. a link called drop fox and lets users contact advertisers and urge them to boycott. the last activity is key because a federal court ruled in 19 89d that irs was correct to deny tax exempt status to a group that operated a similar academy to train campaign workersments when you sought to declare war on a media outlet, when you start to
9:49 am
accuse fox news being the spokesman for the republican party which is false, there's no basis for that. brock media matters makes no matters to substantiate that. >> and fox news obtained documents showing complaints have been filed with the irs as part of an online campaign encouraged by some fox on air talent, challenging on these very grounds and the irs citing procedure dedeclined to say what action it was taking or whether it received the challenges. for one of the challenges we fax'd a redacted copy withholding the filers name and contact information directly to media matters. aside from receiving receive of the fax, declined comment. james rosen, fox news. >> molly: our panel of lawyers breaks down the casey anthony trial. and the defense and pr tosir
9:50 am
closing statements. is there anything either side can say to sway the jury? and it always points true north. toward mountains of sand. townew sights and sensations. toward the true bounty of nure so let's set our compass for traverse city and find ourselves. in the magic, and the moments of pure michigan. your trip begins at new newtonsit thins. real cranberries and cranberry citrus oat... crispy whole grain. newtons fruit thins, one unique cookie.
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9:53 am
. >> closing arguments for the casey anthony trial gets underway tomorrow. where does the case stand and what needs to be said. with us now, criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor, criminal defense attorney john, good morning to all three of you. >> good morning. >> dave: the question will be simple this morning, what does the prosecution need to do to secure their verdict. what does the defense need to do to try to get her off the hook and lastly, i want your prediction what will happen. what will be the verdict? and kelly, will the me start with you. if you're the defense, what do you need to do in these
9:54 am
closing arguments that can save casey anthony's life and is there anything they can say to secure a lot guilty verdict? >> hi, dave, good morning, first thing you need to to to save her life is to show that the prosecution hasn't done their job. hasn't showed you how the girl was murdered. they haven't showed you all the things about chloroform, no evidence on the remains and haven't shown how she was killed, just that she died and haven't put a credible theory that casey was directly involved. so that's number one and number two, to save her life you go through and your hammer that and you say, even if they get a conviction, because my prediction is they will just because there's a little girl dead and mom had her hands on it somewhere. and you try to avoid a death penalty and it wasn't premeditated. >> dave: will she get the death penalty. and if you're the prosecution,
9:55 am
what's the most important thing to secure on sunday. >> i don't think she'll get the death penalty. i think she'll be convicted on all counts and here is what the prosecution needs to do. first of all, they bring back the already circumstantial case they've had. everything from duct tape to plenty of evidence of computer searches on chloroform. plenty of evidence that remains were in the trunk and of course, 31 days of lying and partying after caylee's death and the prosecution is also going to explain there is no credible explanation from the defense, how caylee anthony died except by her mother. the issue of motive, they don't have to prove motive, but the jury is going to be intrigued. why would a mother kill her own daughter so she can spend more team partying. the biggest weakness in the case. what the prosecution has to get the jury comfortable with the idea that criminals don't always act logical. they don't need a logical motive, just the facts. >> dave: john, the defense, is
9:56 am
there anything they can say tomorrow that would save casey's life? is there any chance of a not guilty verdict? >> i don't know about a not guilty verdict. i think there's a chance of a hung jury. if they hammer the fact that reasonable doubt is the highest level of certainty required under the law and show that crystal holloway, basically made george anthony to be a liar, said he never had an affair with her, what else did george lie about. you go over that, and hammer it out over and over again. if you show that george anthony is a liar and crystal halloway was telling the truth, you maybe able to get one juror to side with the defense and say i have a problem with george anthony's testimony and possibly hold out on the jury verdict. >> dave: should be a fascinating game. thank our panel, and we want to remind all of you viewers the closing arguments start at 9 a.m. sunday and we'll carry that hour live here on "fox & friends" and join on the fox news app and carry the
9:57 am
coverage. and stay with us, more "fox & friends" in two minutes. after your dishcloth? bounty extra soft can help. in this lab te bounty extra soft leaves thisurface three times cleaner than a dishcloth. super clean. super soft. bounty extra soft. in the pink pack. naturals from delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives.
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naturals from purina cat chow. share a better life.
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>> thanks for joining us. we want to weigh in on st. petersburg, florida, a police officer possibly facing the possibility of being suspended for remarks about the city and what happened, he essentially warned a father not to go to an area of the city that could be dangerous at night, the north shore pool and got in trouble for it. >> he told the father, hey, this area is a high crime area in air quotes, thats with a the problem. as a concerned parent wouldn't you want to know that. others say, look, a slap on the wrist because it's sort of disparaging his city labeling a certain area high crime. >> seems he's doing his job. he will not be suspended and could receive a memorandum of counseling. i think he deserves an apology from the department. it's not just a parents, it's a cop trying t


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